‘Handyman’ Mick Schumacher Doesn’t Fear To Get His Hands “Dirty” When in Need

Sabyasachi Biswas
|Published 18/03/2023

Besides having expertise behind the F1 wheel, Mick Schumacher is also a ‘handyman.’ Not afraid to get down and get his hands “dirty,” the Mercedes star is a real deal when it comes to passion. In a recent interview, the German pilot shared about all his quirks and tricks when he visited Frankfurt recently.

Talking to DVAG, Schumacher revealed that he is a real car freak and collects cars to tweak them to an extent. This falls under his hobby as he bought two cars recently that still have a cable pull on the gas pedal. The German pilot got his hands dirty and tried to modify them to make them road legal.

Since he likes to drive these modified cars on the road, he would love them to be on track. But he lets someone else do the job for him as he is busy with his Mercedes duty. Calling himself a handyman for his hobbies, he also shared that he works on many more things than this.

The 23-year-old driver shared that he is very bad at putting back things. He said he loves to pull things apart. But putting them back to their previous state is a skill the son of Michael Schumacher lacks, and he is certainly not proud of that.

Mercedes star was determined to be a race car driver

Being a modern-day race car driver takes a lot out of a person. Regarding Formula 1, the pinnacle of motorsport, it is even more. One needs hard work and strong determination to be a race car driver, something the 23-year-old can agree with.

Schumacher always wanted to be a race car driver. Even before his F4 days, the young German planned everything through. He told the interviewer that he had schemed as to which category he would drive, when, and for how long.

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Schumacher Jr. revealed his dual personality

During the interview, the former Haas driver revealed that he maintains a dual personality. Ever since he acclaimed stardom for his connection to F1, this has been his modus operandi when it comes to living his life.

Talking about this, Schumacher Jr. shared that he keeps one personality for his racing career and the fans. Whereas the other personality is for himself and his close ones when he’s in his private space.

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