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Is Lando Norris Dating Magui Corceiro? The Portuguese Model Breaks Silence to Settle the Debate

Nischay Rathore

Is Lando Norris Dating Magui Corceiro? The Portuguese Model Breaks Silence to Settle the Debate

Lando Norris’ dating status has been the talk of the town for a while. Amid all the running rumors, the one that has stayed constant is the recent link with Magui Corceiro. The Portuguese model recently cleared the air on her relationship status. Hopefully, this will end the speculations once and for all.

Magui recently appeared on a podcast with RFM where they asked her if she was single. In a clip posted on Instagram by the handle F1 Gossipp Official, she categorically confirmed that she was and also addressed how her peers keep trying to get her to date.

In the podcast, she revealed that the media keeps linking her with someone or the other. She revealed how they linked her with someone just a week back.

I think people don’t like to see me single. And every month, they try to get me a boyfriend. But no, I’m really single. This week I have a new one. I was waiting to come here to announce. No! It’s a lie,” she confessed.

Magui was recently spotted with Norris as the two had dinner in a restaurant. The photo instantly went viral on the internet and rekindled the rumors of them dating.

That, however, wasn’t the first time they were seen together. In fact, she has made frequent appearances in the F1 paddocks, which added fuel to the already flaming speculations.

How did the Lando Norris – Magui Corceiro rumors started?

Magui Corceiro was in a relationship with Portuguese soccer star Joao Felix since 2019, as per The Sun, until their breakup in 2023. There were rumors of her cheating on the then-Chelsea player which was also believed to be the reason for the split.

Around the same time, Magui and Lando Norris were seen together in a blue open-top Fiat in Monaco ahead of the Grand Prix. As per Marca, the post that confirmed their presence together was “suspiciously” deleted.

Rumor has it that the Portuguese model was still dating Felix then. The speculations picked the wind as she appeared in the paddocks for the Monaco GP that weekend. A long hiatus followed that appearance.

However, just as the rumors of links with Norris were beginning to die down, she made a reappearance in the paddocks at the season finale in Abu Dhabi as well. To set the record straight, no reports confirm her presence with the McLaren driver in the paddocks.

Meanwhile, Norris has been single since he broke up with Luisinha Oliveira in 2022. The pair openly dated and even arrived at races together. Oliveira, a model, recently appeared on the Brazilian version of the show ‘Dancing With The Stars‘.

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