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Lando Norris’ Ex-GF Luisinha Oliveira Finds an Admirer in Rumored Flame Magui Corceiro’s Ex Joao Felix

Veerendra Vikram Singh

Lando Norris’ Ex-GF Luisinha Oliveira Finds an Admirer in Rumored Flame Magui Corceiro’s Ex Joao Felix

Luisinha Oliveira, who dated Lando Norris for over a year until their separation in 2022, recently posted a series of photos on Instagram, documenting her activities in May. Among her thousands of admirers who liked the post was Portuguese soccer star Joao Felix, who is the ex-boyfriend of Norris’ said to be partner Magui Corceiro.

Corceiro and Norris are rumored to have been in a relationship since 2023. And this seemingly innocent interaction between their exes has sparked a flurry of speculation on social media. It all began when Felix and Luisinha started following each other on Instagram.

Gossip pages on social media pointed out how Felix liked Oliveira’s carousel of pictures. The FC Barcelona player, however, must have noticed the attention his actions brought on the pair, as he no longer follows Oliveira’s Instagram account.

All the entities involved remain silent, but a lot of it could have to do with the fact that Norris and Luisinha have both chosen to remain ‘officially single’ following their breakup two years ago.

Other than this one interaction between Felix and Luisinha on Instagram, there haven’t been any links to suggest that they are dating. When it comes to Norris and Corceiro, however, there is a lot more.

How dating rumors between Lando Norris and Magui Corceiro began?

Norris and Corceiro were first spotted together in Monaco, enjoying a car ride together. A day later, they went on a double date to a casino with Norris’ brother and sister-in-law.

The story took another turn during Lando Norris’ race-winning weekend in Miami. While Corceiro was in Portugal during the Miami GP, a friend of hers posted a story on Instagram, which showed her closely following the race on her phone, even though she was outside at a restaurant.

More recently, Norris’ sister Savannah liked one of Corceiro’s posts, further suggesting that the two are in touch with each other – most likely due to Norris himself.

However, all social media can do is give rise to rumors and intensify them with further actions from the people involved. In reality, until confirmed by Norris or Corceiro themselves, their relationship status will remain a mystery.

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