Max Verstappen and Co. Failed To Lure Mercedes’ Title Winning Top Brass Engineer

Sabyasachi Biswas
|Published 17/03/2023

Max Verstappen and his team made a failed approach to lure the former Mercedes engine chief. Red Bull’s effort to bring in famous engineer Andy Cowell for their power unit met with a futile outcome, as per Helmut Marko. Cowell was an instrumental figure in the Silver Arrows post-hybrid era.

According to Racingnews365, Marko said to that the talks with the former Mercedes man did not work out. The British engineer left Brackley midway through the 2020 season and was not interested in having a deal with another F1 team.

The Mercedes engine expert, who now has his eyes on something else, has been a top man for them from 2014 to 2020. During this time, he won almost all the possible silverware for the team. Notably, the engineer helped develop an F1 engine in 2014 that was regarded as the very best in the sport.

With the engine, the Brackley-based team won 16 out of all 19 races that season. Given the humongous talent and experience the British engineer possess, having his service would have naturally given the Milton-Keynes-based team an impetus.

Demand for engine specialists is more than ever, says Marko

With the 2026 regulations in place and the increased number of engine manufacturers, the demand for engine specialists in F1 teams is sky-high. Especially for the teams that agreed to supply power units from 2026 such as Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault [Alpine], Honda, Red Bull – Ford, newcomer Audi, and Porsche who also showed interest to join the bandwagon.

The Austrian team made a pact with the American automobile giants, but lacks the optimum level of personnel as yet, said Marko. However, they are not far from reaching the target with Ford’s allegiance.

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Not Red Bull, the taskmaster believes Ferrari has the fastest engine

The Red Bull veteran believes the Prancing Horse currently has the fastest engine on the grid. Followed by them are Honda and Mercedes. Renault, who supplies the engine to Alpine has the slowest engine in the lot.

Honda helped with their technical expertise to help Red Bull build their powertrains in Milton Keynes. Honda left the sport after the 2021 season and is waiting in the wings to make a comeback in 2026.

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