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Max Verstappen reveals his conditions to rejoin Netflix’s $42.2 Million production

Samriddhi Jaiswal
|Fri Aug 19 2022

Max Verstappen has agreed to participate in Netflix’s F1 documentary Drive to Survive after criticising it for showing fake rivalries.

Max Verstappen had refrained from taking part in Netflix’s F1 docu-series Drive to Survive saying that the show exaggerates and portrays fake rivalries.

The Dutchman has been noticeably absent from the series in recent years. He won his maiden world title in 2021 in a terrific battle and not having the inside story about that from Verstappen’s garage would surely be seen as a big miss by Netflix.

Due to this, both the parties began talks about coming together, encouraged by F1 boss Stefano Domenicali.

But this time around Verstappen put forth a few conditions for Netflix, agreeing upon which is the only way the talks would move forward positively.

Speaking to Speedcafe, the 24-year-old revealed the agreements he made with Drive to Survive. He said that he wants more say in how he is being portrayed.

Instead of just giving an interview, Verstappen wants to be aware of the context in which his statements will be used in the series.

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Max Verstappen wants to be in control of his role

Verstappen understands the significance of the show for the sport. The show has undoubtedly helped F1 gain a huge amount of audience, especially in the United States. The latest season generated an astonishing $42.2 million in sponsorship exposure value in the first two weeks.

Therefore, Verstappen does not mind playing a part in it as long as things aren’t twisted for dramatisation. “All I’m asking for, you know, is that it’s just more realistic, at least from my side,” says the Red Bull driver.

“I cannot control of course, what they do with other drivers. But at least I want to be in control with what I’m releasing. I understand they want me in it, but it needs to be more on my terms.”

Following the agreement, Verstappen will have the opportunity to see how he is portrayed and make any comments. “Sometimes, you know, you don’t even know that there is a camera around. Or someone is walking behind you and they can use that,” says Verstappen.

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