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Max Verstappen To Get a Special Delivery From Charles Leclerc

Somin Bhattacharjee

Max Verstappen To Get a Special Delivery From Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc excels at a lot of things both on and off the F1 track, but his latest venture has sent the F1 world into a frenzy. Earlier this week, the Monegasque driver announced the launch of his ice cream brand ‘Lec’, and Max Verstappen could be the recipient of something very special from there.

Verstappen’s favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla; as he revealed in a Red Bull segment not very long ago. This is something Leclerc recalls and brought it up during his brand’s launch. When asked if he would send Verstappen his favorite ice cream to calm him down, the Ferrari driver responded that his primary focus would be to defeat him on the track. However, he added that he would send the ice cream as well.

In a video posted on X, Leclerc could be heard saying, “What I’m interested in is beating him on the track to start with, and that’s what we’re working on, so I’ll also give him the flavor he likes and then we’ll try to beat him on the track.”

A fan in the comments also pointed out that Leclerc and Verstappen have similar tastes in ice cream. Vanilla turns out to be the favorite flavor for both drivers. So, fans cannot wait for a segment involving this duo with vanilla ice cream.

Why Charles Leclerc started his own ice cream

F1 drivers starting their own initiative outside the world of racing is not unheard of. Lando Norris did it with Quadrant, and Daniel Ricciardo did it with his brand ‘Enchante’. They all have a reason behind starting what they did, and so does Leclerc. His story, however, dates back to his younger days of karting.

“Ice cream is something that I’ve always liked as a child, when I started karting I remember during the first days that an ice cream was never far away,” he said.

Fans all over the world are excited with this launch, and as per reports, supermarkets all over Italy are prepared. Their freezers are stocked with Lec-branded ice cream tubs, because they anticipate huge demand in the coming weeks and months.

Also, to the delight of fans, the ice creams aren’t expensive. Their retail price starts at $5.36 and has only 370 kcal.

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