Cover Image for Max Verstappen’s home GP has to confirm its $114 Million worth commitment to F1 before November

Max Verstappen’s home GP has to confirm its $114 Million worth commitment to F1 before November

Tanish Chachra
|Fri Jul 15 2022

Max Verstappen’s hone Grand Prix, which happens in Zandvoort, has to confirm its option to extend till 2025 by November.

The Dutch Grand Prix in the first edition was a huge success. The mere presence of Max Verstappen, who became the first Dutch F1 champion last year, could be responsible for creating such hype.

In the Netherlands, Verstappen is worshipped like a god. Therefore, Zandvoort is a profitable destination for F1. In 2022, the Dutch GP will be organized in the first week o September.

It is already locked in for the 2023 season. But with F1 envisioning the future calendars, according to Erik van Haren, it has asked the officials at Zandvoort to give its conformation by November 1.

The report by van Haren claims that the first edition’s total economic impact was around $114 million. With Verstappen now more prominent than ever, the figures may even increase.

Therefore, it’s a no brainer for Zandvoort to extend the contract with F1. With Verstappen only 24-year-old, he is only destined to stay at the top at least till 2025, and that’s why the Dutch army is likely to be right behind him.

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Max Verstappen to win another home race?

In the first race ever since 1985, Verstappen won the race at Zandvoortcomprehensively. The whole circuit was covered in the layer of Oranje Army colours. The sky’s colour was orange even though the sun was shining bright.

It reflected how precious was this win for the Dutch fans, as their local hero made history. Now, in 2022, Verstappen is sprinting towards his second world title, and a consecutive victory at his home race would bring him further validation.

With over a month to go for the upcoming Dutch GP, the title race between Verstappen and Leclerc is just firing up. So, it would be incredible to see another title fight-influenced race in the Netherlands.

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