Nicholas Latifi gets called ‘GOATIFI’ by Will Buxton in the latest edition of F1 weekend Warmup

Tejas Venkatesh
|Published July 08, 2022

Will Buxton calls Williams F1 driver Nicholas Latifi ‘Goatifi’ during the F1 Weekend warmup ahead of the 2022 Austrian GP.

Formula 1 has headed to the rolling hills of Styria for the 11th round of racing in the 2022 Championship. The Red Bull Ring will host the 2022 Austrian Grand Prix. And Nicholas Latifi has been roasted by an F1 Presenter ahead of the race.

Regular F1 presenter and commentator Will Buxton called the Canadian F1 driver ‘Goatifi’. This is a reference to a common meme used by the F1 community in memes.

Buxton was conducting the regular ‘F1 Weekend Warmup’ ahead of the 2022 Austrian GP along with Lawrence Baretto. The duo walk around the F1 paddock on Thursday ahead of the race weekend and give a rundown of the news.

During the latest edition, Buxton and Baretto walk around the paddock and give team updates regarding the race. The duo stop around the Williams’ team Motorhome, providing an update on Alex Albon’s health and car updates.

The Thai racer suffered a collision during the 2022 British GP. He was rushed to the Conventry hospital. Albon’s car is getting a new chassis this weekend. But then the focus shifted to his teammate Nicholas Latifi.

Latifi surprised everyone by claiming a P10 spot during Qualifying. It was the first Q3 appearance of his F1 career. He too will be given an upgrade on the chassis. To which Buxton replies at 28:26 “Does the ‘Goatifi’ need it?” referring to the iconic meme.

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Why is Nicholas Latifi called ‘Goatifi’?

Nicholas Latifi has become infamous with the title ‘Goatifi’. The Canadian joined Williams from F2 in 2020. His spell with the British racing team has been marked with multiple crashes, slow driving and some iconic incidents.

This originated in F1’s Twitter community as a meme referring to the Canadian driver’s slow driving and constant crashes. It combines the term ‘GOAT’ referring to ‘Greatest of all time’ and Latifi’s last name in a sarcastic combination.

Latifi has only managed to score 7 points across 3 seasons in F1. His average position is usually in the tail end of the grid. With request crashes and holding up of drivers when displayed blue flags, the Canadian has been a backmarker in most of the races.

Nicholas crashed out of the 2022 season finale Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on lap 53 while he was P This out the controversial safety car. Max Verstappen overtook Lewis Hamilton as the safety car ended, winning the race and the championship.

Since the incident, he has been the butt of many jokes. Latifi received threats and hate messages from fans on social media. He issued a statement addressing the online abuse he received.

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