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Oscar Piastri’s Mom Nominates F1 Driver To Replace Her Son Amid Viral Charles Leclerc Lore

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Oscar Piastri's Mom Nominates F1 Driver To Replace Her Son Amid Viral Charles Leclerc Lore

Of late, Oscar Piastri has been on a mission to find his ancestral roots in each country F1 visits. Arriving in Monaco, the Australian driver was trying to discover if he had any roots to the principality as well. Enter Charles Leclerc into the foray with him offering to adopt the Melbourne-born driver and soon enough, Piastri’s mother joined the conversation. Adding to the ‘drama,’ F1 took it upon themselves to add Piastri to the Leclerc family, warranting yet another reaction from Nicole Piastri. 

Following the FP1 session in Monaco, Oscar Piastri finished in P2 behind Lewis Hamilton. In the complete roundup of the event, the official Instagram account of F1 listed Piastri’s name as ‘Oscar Piastri-Leclerc,’ continuing the joke between the two drivers.

Taking note of the same, Nicole Piastri took to X to reveal there was an opening in her family “for a son.” Tagging Yuki Tsunoda, Piastri’s mum wanted to know if the Japanese driver would be open to filling the vacancy.

A very active entity on social media, Nicole Piastri rarely misses out on an opportunity to engage in banter. This recent joke, however, seems to be a bigger hit than her past engagements. The F1 community seems to have accepted the fact that Piastri is now a member of the Leclerc family. 

Oscar Piastri finally accepts his Monegasque roots

As soon as F1’s social media handle changed Piastri’s surname, the F1 community, including Piastri, joined in on the joke. His mother looked for a decent replacement while Leclerc’s fans were busy celebrating the latest addition to the Ferrari driver’s family.

Piastri was the first to accept that his adoption had become official and jokingly asked Leclerc if he had submitted the official papers or not.

FIA joined in on the joke, asking Piastri whether he needs a new super license, now that Leclerc has become a part of his surname. Meanwhile, Charles Leclerc, who didn’t finish FP1 in the top three, saw Oscar Piastri in the list and quipped that there were “mixed feelings” within the Leclerc family.

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