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“Think I Am Nowhere”: Charles Leclerc Tears His Hair Out as F1 24 Game Triggers an Existential Crisis

Mahim Suhalka

“Think I Am Nowhere”: Charles Leclerc Tears His Hair Out as F1 24 Game Triggers an Existential Crisis

With the launch of F1’s official videogame F1 24 just days away, drivers were asked to appear for a segment where they guessed their teammates’ overall ratings. Eventually, the guesses would be matched against what the actual rating was. But for Charles Leclerc, this revelation turned into a source of misery.

The ratings of the drivers, like every year, were judged based on four rated parameters – experience, race craft, awareness and pace.

During the guessing game (posted on F1’s official YouTube channel), Carlos Sainz gave Leclerc an 87 for experience, which turned out to be 78. Sainz wasn’t too far way with race craft, having guessed 92 and the original score being 91. Awareness was similar. Sainz guessed 91, but EA Sports gave Leclerc an 89.

The shocking part, however, was Leclerc’s pace. Sainz guessed it would be 93 but his official rating turned out to be 89.

Leclerc couldn’t believe it. He said,

“This I hate. You rate me as fast, they don’t care. EA thinks I am nowhere.”

The 26-year-old added that he will go on to check his ratings from F1 23 to see if he is already going into a slump. Looking back on last year’s game, his overall rating was 89, the same as it is in F1 24. However, when it comes to the individual parameters, there have been quite a few changes.

How good was Charles Leclerc in the EA Sports’ F1 2023 edition?

Perturbed by the ratings, Leclerc said, “I will check last year’s score to understand how far I am from retirement. Because if I’m already on the downhill part, you know.”

EA Sports rates F1 drivers based on their previous years’ performances. In 2022, Leclerc finished P2 in the standings and won three races. However, 2023 wasn’t as kind to the Monegasque, who ended the season P5 in the Drivers’ Championship standings without any wins.

Still, Leclerc’s pace remains the same at 89. His racecraft meanwhile, took a hit as it decreased by two in this year’s game. Another surprise was Leclerc’s dip in experience rating. In 2023, he had a 79 rated experience, but despite competing another full season in F1, his number went down by one. Awareness, however, jumped from 82 to 90.

There has been a downgrade in Leclerc’s ratings in 2024. But these numbers should be taken with a pinch of salt, because factors not in control of these drivers influence the decision-making. Considering he is performing at a much higher level in 2024, 2025’s version should have a much higher rated Charles Leclerc.

Post Edited By:Somin Bhattacharjee

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