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After Charles Leclerc, Ferrari Top Engineer Gets Insecure for His Job at Ferrari; Unlike The Monegasque Driver, He Leaves Prancing Horses

Sabyasachi Biswas

After Charles Leclerc, Ferrari Top Engineer Gets Insecure for His Job at Ferrari; Unlike The Monegasque Driver, He Leaves Prancing Horses

Even before the 2023 F1 season started in full swing, Scuderia Ferrari had been on the receiving end of back-to-back heavy blows. After the disastrous Bahrain race, the entire turnaround, and multiple top executive exit reports, rumors added more plight for the Italian stable. As per reports, Ferrari’s technical boss is considering stepping down.

According to Italian media Corriero dello Sport, Enrico Cardile is believed to resign from the team soon. According to sources, the probable reason for the decision is unreliable and an insecure future.

Admittedly, Cardile didn’t have the official tag of the technical boss, but the team knew he was the one. Any development regarding the challenger needed to go through the checks of this aerodynamicist.

If the senior engineer leaves the team in the end, he will be the fourth important member linked for a move away from the team. After the 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix, David Sanchez, Inaki Rueda, and Laurent Mekies were reported to be resigning from the Prancing Horse.

Ferrari CEO tries unusual ways to fill the gap

As the exit spree banked on Ferrari recently, CEO Benedetto Vigna tried an abnormal way to fill the gap. As per FormulaPassion, Vigna resorted to LinkedIn to ask for different profiles of engineers.

However, he didn’t specify any particular field and has not said if the search was for Scuderia. As a matter of fact, the positions might also be for the Sport GT area if not for the Formula 1 team.

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What’s next for Ferrari?

After the upsetting opening race of the season in Bahrain, Ferrari looks to be in the Mercedes and Aston Martin league. From having the target to defeat Red Bull in the 2023 season, the Prancing Horse looks far away from their target. Now, with almost the whole season in hand, Charles Leclerc and co. needs to step up their game and hope for a miracle.

Nevertheless, it will not be easy to predict the season so early. If 2022 is taken as an example, the Italian team took 1-2, and Red Bull had double DNFs. In the end, the Austrian team went on to win the championship with 17 wins, but the Maranello-based team only managed to pick three wins. This should give them the hope they need direly.

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