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“Yeah… Uh, know”– A very Finnish conversation between Kimi Raikkonen and Valterri Bottas during the 2016 Russian Grand Prix parade 

Janmeyjay Shukla

"Yeah... Uh, know"– A very Finnish conversation between Kimi Raikkonen and Valterri Bottas during the 2016 Russian Grand Prix parade 

The very Finnish conversation between Kimi Raikkonen and his replacement at Alfa Romeo Valtteri Bottas during the 2016 Russian Grand Prix.

During the 2016 Russian Grand Prix parade, Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen were greeted by a corner that they would never forget. Both had a chance to be on the podium only for a crash that could not make it happen.

Last lap Kimi Raikkonen, Last lap. All or Nothing

The battle of the Finns took place in 2015’s Russian Grand Prix. Ferrari star Raikkonen hit Valtteri Bottas’s Williams while challenging for third place on the final lap after both had passed Sergio Perez’s Aston Martin (Force India) as its tyres faded.

The collision sent Bottas straight into the barriers and out, while Raikkonen nursed his damaged car over the line in fifth place.

The stewards decided the move deserved a 10-second stop/go penalty, which was applied as a 30s time penalty post-race. Raikkonen was adamant the collision was a racing accident and that a penalty would not be fair.

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Talking about the incident, Raikkonen said: “I overtook him there once before and I wasn’t too far back so I thought I would try again.”

“Once I decided to try I can’t back off. I don’t know if he didn’t see me at all or didn’t expect me to go there. I tried to turn as much inside as I could but there was nowhere to go and we collided.”

But Bottas replied: “I don’t think it was a racing incident. I didn’t see anyone there and I was in front, and then suddenly someone hits me.”

There will be major discussions at Ferrari and Williams after the crash

A year later, the presenter reminded both of the drivers by stating: “Right, I’m here with both Finns Bottas and Raikkonen. I seem to be coming up to a certain corner. I remember that was made quite famous by you two.”

A very Finnish conversation prevailed on which Kimi giggled and said: “Yeah. Uh, know.”

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Bottas also shared laughter with the presenter and while looking at Raikkonen replied “Yeah.”

The number 77 has replaced The Iceman at the Alfa Romeo and will be looking to bring success to the team with his experience in the new era of Formula 1.

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