“Zelenskyy used to be a comedian and it seems that he wants to continue that profession” – Bernie Ecclestone accuses Ukrainian President of not speaking to Putin in order to save his country

Janmeyjay Shukla
|Published June 30, 2022

Bernie Ecclestone defends Russian President Vladimir Putin’s action over the Ukrainian invasion and blames Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s actions

Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone is once again in the limelight after his defensive comments on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Ecclestone left the position of Formula One CEO in 2017 after Liberty Media bought the motorsport. However, he still makes the news one day or the other due to his controversial remarks.

Back in 2020, the former F1 boss was in the news due to his comments against Lewis Hamilton’s anti-racism push in motorsport.

On this Thursday morning, Ecclestone was part of an interview with the ITV show Good Morning Britain. He had plenty of things to discuss, from F1 to the Russian-Ukraine war.

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Bernie Ecclestone defends Vladimir Putin’s actions

The British business magnate would take a bullet for his first-class person Vladimir Putin. He explained: “I would still take a bullet for him. I’d rather it didn’t hurt but I would still take a bullet.”

When asked why he feels so, Ecclestone added: “Because he’s a first-class person. Also, what he’s doing is something that he believed was the right thing.”

Moreover, the 91-years-old businessman believes that it is wrong to stop Russian athletes to take part in sports. He expressed: “They didn’t get involved in this in the first place. Thus, they shouldn’t be punished.”

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Former F1 boss on Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s efforts to save Ukraine

To aggravate the sensitive topic, Ecclestone criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for failing to stop the war in the first place.

He believes that Zelenskyy is still acting as a comedian and not making serious efforts to speak with the Russian President about the war.

Ecclestone thinks that the Russian invasion, which resulted in thousands of deaths, was merely unintentional. He added: “I’m quite sure of Ukraine. If they’d wanted to get out of it properly, could have done.”

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