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Can you sell property in GTA Online?

Danyal Arabi

Can you sell property in GTA Online?

Over the decade that GTA Online has been out, the amount of content in the game has ballooned. In this, the number of ownable properties in the game has increased as well. From apartments to literal aircraft hangars, players can purchase almost anything they want they want in the game. While some properties are stackable, others can only be traded in. This means that players can’t exactly sell any property in the game. Here’s how property works.

How does property work in GTA Online?

Property in GTA Online cannot be properly sold. Once bought, the existing property can be traded in for a discount on another property of the same kind. For example, those looking to shift apartments can trade in their current one for a discount on the new property. However, the property cannot be cashed out as liquid money. This extends to all properties including Hangars and Nightclubs.

Businesses like Vehicle Warehouses and Meth Labs also follow the same principle, locking in players as owners once bought. While players can only own one type of Bunker or Facility, apartments can be stacked. For more garage space and as a way of owning multiple homes with different interiors, players can choose not to trade in houses. Simply buying them at full price will add another property location to the map.

What properties can players purchase in the game?

  • Property Types
  • Apartments
  • Garages
  • Yachts
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Office Garages
  • Vehicle Warehouses
  • Underground Garage
  • Clubhouses
  • MC Businesses
  • Bunkers
  • Hangars
  • Facilities
  • Nightclubs
  • Arena Workshop
  • Master Penthouse
  • Arcades
  • Auto Shops
  • Agencies

Most properties act as spawn points and contain vehicle storage of some kind. Apartments can hold anywhere from 2, 6, or 10 vehicles, depending on the type of apartment. Others like office garages can hold up to 20 vehicles, making them great add-on purchases. The Kosatka is another honorable mention as the submarine can be considered a “driveable property.” Not only is it the base of operations for the Cayo Perico heist, it can also hold two vehicles.

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