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FaZe Clan beat forZe to claim ESL Pro League semi-final spot

Danyal Arabi

FaZe Clan beat forZe to claim ESL Pro League semi-final spot

In a thrilling quarter-final of David vs. Goliath at the ESL Pro League, the latter has emerged victorious. Today, forZe took on FaZe in the quarter-finals for a top 4 spot and a chance to deny FaZe their Grand Slam. Unfortunately for Jerry and co. Karrigan and his squad managed to topple them at the final hurdle on map 3. Here’s how the game panned out.

FaZe manage to topple a resilient forZe 2-1 to book ESL Pro League semi-final spot

Starting off on Inferno, both teams looked evenly matched, trading blow for blow in the early stages of the half. Despite forZe clawing a few rounds back, FaZe managed to post a respectable 9-6 half in their favor. However, the map truly began heating up with this Ropz clutch on the CT pistol:

Despite Ropz heroics, FaZe ended up losing the conversion and four more rounds in a row. However, the round buffer gained from the first half was enough for them to stabilize and win 16-13.

Moving to forZe’s pick of Overpass, the team was looking to shake off the first map loss and clinch their pick. Despite winning the pistol forZe wasn’t able to string many rounds together, and ended up with an identical 6-9 tally at the half in FaZe’s favor.

Switching to the CT side, it was evident why forZe picked this map, dominating FaZe in the early stages and going 11-9 up. Digging deep, FaZe flipped the script, fighting tooth and nail to bring the scoreline to 14-14. However, despite having a great advantage, Jerry was able to rip the round win away from FaZe, securing map point for ForZe, and then the win.

On Mirage, forZe consistently found themselves on the back foot. After FaZe clinched the pistol and follow-ups, forZe answered with 3 of their own. However, a monster clutch by Broky put FaZe in the drivers seat, posting a 10-5 half. Unfortunately, forZe’s T side fell flat, winning them just one round before falling 16-6.

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