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Dr Disrespect Gets a Whopping $100,000 Offer for His CS: GO Skin

Swetabh Shekhar

Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect has lately varied the pool of games he usually streams, with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive being one of the titles. Recently, upon opening a case, Doc earned himself a jaw-droppingly rare knife skin worth a hefty $16,000. In fact, now he has buyers aligned, and one is willing to pay a whopping $100,000 for that magnificent skin.

In the hope of scoring something extraordinary, Doc tried his luck, opening cases for a while until the day before yesterday. Just moments after getting the breathtaking knife skin for the M9 Bayonet | Doppler, the YouTuber jumped for joy. Not only Doc, but his million-strong fanbase across the globe also lost their minds after hearing about his achievement.

Moments after he tweeted about his brand-new premium skin, it went viral pretty quickly, attracting all the attention of the world. Therefore, it appears Doc has already gotten some decent offers for his knife, but none of them excites him enough. Let’s check out why Doc isn’t willing to sell the skin even for a premium of $100,000.

Dr Disrespect awaits a better offer and seeks an amount exceeding $100,000

Recently on Twitter, Doc mentioned a huge $100,000 offer for his M9 Bayonet | Doppler. Further, he made it clear that it’s not quite enough, as he believes the offers could get better than that.

The tweet’s caption says, “I’ve already been offered $100,000.” “You can do better.” further expressed Doc. Doing a little bit of math, the skin’s average cost is $16,000, and what Dr. Disrespect’s getting for it is $100,000. Thus, that eventually boils down to an extra, or premium, of $84,000 that Doc could easily earn.

Dr Disrespect
Credits: Dr Disrespect

It’s an incredible ROI for Doc. However, it’s obvious that he’s not ready to settle for that staggering amount until he has a change of mind. Thus, it would be interesting to speculate whether Doc gets a better offer or is forced to sell it for $100,000.

Fans give their take on the offer

The above tweet has already been flooded with fans’ comments. Doc’s decision has divided the community. Some people stated they would definitely take the $100 grand offer, considering the high ROI. On the other hand, some believe Doc did the right thing, as he could potentially get a good offer. Also, check out this eyebrow-raising realistic cosplay of Alex Mercer from the popular game Prototype.

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