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FaZe take on Cloud9 in the ESL Pro League Grand Final

Danyal Arabi

FaZe take on Cloud9 in the ESL Pro League Grand Final

After toppling NAVI in the semi-final yesterday, FaZe Clan looks primed to take the ESL Pro League title over Cloud9 today. The Grand Final begins at 16:00 CET and will be a best-of-five series. If FaZe Clan win the final, Twistzz will be the first player to win two Intel Grand Slams, and FaZe will walk away with an additional $1 million. Here’s how each team is feeling heading into their most important game of the year so far.

FaZe Clan gets a shot at the Intel Grand Slam today at the ESL Pro League Grand Final

Speaking about their resurgence in form, nafany from Cloud9 stated to HLTV:

“As you can see, the result of our work between Katowice and EPL playoffs… we’ve played way better than we played in Katowice, and everyone can see it. I just believe that we will do our best and show our best game, and I hope we will beat whoever it [the opponent] will be.”

After beating NAVI, Twistzz stated that the Grand Slam is his primary motivation to dominate this tournament, and make history as one of the best. Speaking to HLTV, Ropz shared his insights into how they’ve analyzed Cloud9’s playstyle:

“Talking about Cloud9, I think this team is the most disciplined team I have ever seen play. They have very good fundamentals, they do the basics the best I would say, and that’s why they’re such a tough opponent for us. We really rely on chaos sometimes, just creating really weird scenarios often, our team really excels in the chaos, and for Cloud9 it’s quite the opposite.”

Regardless of who wins today, the victor will walk away with $200,000 of the $850,000 prize pool. After a month of grueling CS in the group stages, both teams will be ready to fight tooth and nail for the title of ESL Pro League Champions.

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