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How to rename an Organization in GTA Online

Danyal Arabi

How to rename an Organization in GTA Online

For any GTA Online player, having an Executive Office and an Organization is critical to success. From here, players can set up their Cargo and Vehicle Warehouses, the backbone of their Import/Export trade. While a significant investment, having an Office is worth it for serious players. However, setting up the Organization and its name seems like a permanent decision when buying the office. This isn’t the case and players can change their Organization name for a fee.

Guide to renaming an Organization in GTA Online

There are two ways players can rename their Organizations in GTA Online

1) Through the Dynasty8 Executive website

  • Use the mobile or any laptop in the game and navigate to Dynasty 8 Executive
  • Find your office location and select it
  • In the customization options select ‘ORGANIZATION NAME’
  • Here, players can correct typos or change the name entirely
  • Hit the renovate button to cement the change for $250,000

2) Via the Interaction Menu

  • Ensure you’re in your office before opening the interaction menu (M on PC, touchpad on PlayStation, View button on Xbox)
  • Register as a CEO
  • Head to Securoserv CEO options
  • Select Management to access the “Name” tab
  • Edit your Organization name here to what you desire
  • Confirm the deduction of $250,000 to make the change permanent

What’s new in Online this month?

GTA Online has gone through a large-scale economic overhaul this month. Following the Last Dose DLC, Rockstar Games is focusing on quality-of-life updates. The first point of contention was the vehicle economy, which got adjustments last week. The biggest change was the Oppressor Mk.2. Synonymous with griefers, the Mk.2 was universally disliked until Rockstar nerfed its rockets last year. Now, the Mk.2 costs $8,000,000, making for an even bigger entry barrier.

A bunch of other vehicles were also changed and can be seen here. While this was the most notable change, Rockstar also hinted at changes to vehicles like the Lazer to prevent griefing in public sessions. The next weekly update comes in on Thursday, April 20, 2023.

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