MrBeast asks Ludwig to find the ‘Greatest Move Ever Played’ on a Chessboard

Aaryanshi Mohan
|Published 13/01/2023

During the pandemic, chess went online and has gained a lot of fans since. In the last couple of months, streamers who played other video games showed interest in chess. Now, MrBeast asked Ludwig to explain the ‘Greatest Move Ever Played’ shared by on their Twitter handle.

While fans were trying to figure out the answer for the king of content, Ludwig told him the answer, and fans are in awe.

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“Soooo, What’s the Answer?”: MrBeast asks Ludwig to explain a tough chess move shared a picture of a position on the chess board with the caption “In this position, GM Alexei Shirov found what some say is the greatest move ever played. Do you see it?”

MrBeast was intrigued by the move. He asked the organizer of the Mogul Chessboxing Championship event, Ludwig, to explain the rather complicated move. He tweeted out saying: “@LudwigAhgren can you reply with the answer, I’m curious.”

To this, Ludwig replied saying: “I spent 15 minutes trying to find the move for white before realizing it was black to play LOL.”

What was the answer?

In a follow-up tweet, Ludwig explained the move in great detail and said: “I played the little puzzle. You sack the bishop on h3 so ur pawn can solo both the white pawns. Then you swing your king to the right and push both pawns and promote to queen. I f*cked it up like 15 times it’s hard as sh*t LMAO.”

Even Grand Master Anish Giri chimed in with the two content creators and poked fun at them. He trolled the two by saying the complicated puzzle was not for noobs but quickly took it back.

He eventually asked Ludwig how he solved the puzzle. Though Ludwig hasn’t replied to the GM yet, it is safe to say that the Bishop H3 move saved the day.

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