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“My mom and I are considering adopting a baby”: Valkyrae announces new addition to her family

Aaryanshi Mohan


Rachell Hofstette, also known as Valkyrae, is one of the biggest streamers on YouTube and enjoys a huge following on social media. She recently announced to Twitter that she is planning to adopt a child with her mother.

She also mentioned that she and her mother took a lot of time to come to this life-changing decision. Her mother will be sharing the custody of the child with the YouTuber and will help “raise” the kid, while Valk will take care of the finances.

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“It’s going to stay private forever”

After tweeting out the adoption plans, Valkyrae also live-streamed and shared why she and her mother decided to take responsibility for another child. She said, while her mother will be raising the child, she will be providing all the financial help. She said:

“The idea of having another sibling feels unreal.”

While a lot of good advice poured in, a lot of people were skeptical about why she was taking the step. She took to her live stream to announce that she will no longer be sharing any information about the adoption from this moment forward. She said:

“I was foolish about tweeting a real-life thing. To sum up, I’m not gonna talk about it anymore, it’s definitely going to stay private forever. My heart was definitely broken yesterday by the replies.”

“To be fair, I do take accountability in shoving something novel. It was such a big thing that my mom and I have been discussing for a long time, like, researching, planning, and thinking about it.”

Fans’ advice pours in for Valkyrae

Before the internet decided to be mean to the content creator, a lot of good advice regarding her decision had poured in. People were extremely supportive of the step she was going to take.

Career-wise, Valkyrae is a streamer and content creator on YouTube with over 3.84 million subscribers. Besides that, her Twitter has an audience of over 3 million.

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