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Valorant new agent name leaked, know abilities and more

Aaryanshi Mohan

Valorant’s new agent 22 was teased just a few days back. Now, there have been leaks surround the name of the agent. Arriving with the new Ep 6, Act 2 patch, this agent will be the first of three agents scheduled for 2023. But what is Valorant new agent name?

Since the game’s meta has not changed for a long while, the addition of this agents is likely to make some noise and displace agents who have been the first pick for many.

The agent was initially teased at the State of the Agents video. With the release of the trailer, fans can expect a lot from the agent.

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What is the name of Valorant new agent?

Famous Valorant leaker, ValorLeaks recently gave an update ahout what the agent’s name will be. In a tweet, he mentioned that the agent will be called Gekko.

In a short tweet, he just said New Agent: Gekko. 

Since Episode 5 ended, players have not been able to find a lot to change in their gameplay, and Harbor is not players’ first choice in the meta. Players have been looking forward to new Agents, ever since it was announced that this year players will get a Sentinel, an Initiator, and a third unknown archetype.

From what the teaser showed, the new agent could be of Spanish, Cuban, Puerto Rican descent.

When will agent 22 release in the game?

While the release date of the game is nowhere close, players can get a close look of what abilities and playing with this agent would look like in the VCT LOCK IN Showdown match.

As per reports, players will have to choose Agent 22 as one of the charcters and the rest four could be any from the available agents.

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