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Genshin Impact Melusine: Everything we know so far

Angana Mazumdar

Melusine in Genshin Impact

The live stream for Genshin Impact 3.8 took a surprising turn as HoYoverse released a teaser for Fontaine, featuring a small justice-loving Melusine. Although there aren’t many details about the same yet, several speculations can be made from the official trailer.

The Genshin Impact 3.8 Special Program featured a voice-over by Alice during the event story narration. However, the narration continued well after the live stream ended, where we saw a teaser for the upcoming region of Fontaine. Fontaine is the fifth nation in Genshin Impact and is expected to release in version 4.0.

The main focus of the teaser was a patrolling guard of the city waterways, who Alice introduced as a ‘Melusine’. The Melusine is a small creature with pink-and-white fur, ears, and a tail. Although there isn’t much official information about her yet, we can take a look at everything we know so far about the Melusine in Genshin Impact.

Details about the ‘Melusine’ in Genshin Impact

Bolstered by her convictions, she patrols Flueve Cendre fearlessly by herself. If anyone suspiciously appears, such as an unknown Outlander, she will be sure to watch their every move.

Alice’s narration in the teaser states that the Melusine is a patrol who takes her job very seriously and keeps up the laws of Fontaine. We can see her walking through several locations of the city. Alice also mentions she is patrolling the ‘Fleuve Cendre’, which means ‘Ash River’ in French. Many of the players might already be aware of the fact that Fontaine is inspired by France. There are several such references. ‘Melusine’, for instance, refers to a female freshwater spirit.

In the nation of justice, there is a little upstanding Melusine. She is considered to be one of the most diligent in her duties, even among her kin.

Overall, the Melusine is the perfect guard for the Fontaine waterways. However, the way Alice describes her, as ‘a little upstanding Melusine’, it seems that the Melusine is one of many among ‘her kin’. Thus, the Melusine could be a new race in Genshin Impact rather than a singular character.

Credits: HoYoverse

This can be further established by another scene in the teaser. In the above scene, we can see a boat approaching the city with what looks like another Melusine. Keen-eyes viewers may also notice the traveler sitting on the boat, which is more evident in the very next top-angle scene.

The particular Melusine featured in the video is sporting a blue uniform with a cap. The cap has a particular symbol which might be the symbol of Fontaine guards or the navy, as she is certainly a watcher of the waterways.

Will Melusine be playable?

Credits: HoYoverse

The most important question that many players are wondering right now is whether Melusine will be playable in Genshin Impact. HoYoverse hasn’t officially commented on the playability of the character, nor has the narration by Alice. However, during the teaser, we can see that the Melusine doesn’t carry a vision. Previously, only vision-holders have been a part of the playable roster in Genshin Impact. This means that the Melusine will not be playable.

Although several leaks about upcoming Fontaine characters have surfaced, there is no news about a playable Melusine yet. However, considering the theory that Melusine is a race of creatures, a Melusine character may be playable in the future. It is too early to comment otherwise.

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