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Everything you need to know about the official Fontaine sneak peek in Genshin Impact

Angana Mazumdar

cover art for Fontaine leaks in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact‘s next region of Fontaine is all set to release in a few days, and players have finally got a sneak peek of what it will look like. Let’s see a detailed view of everything you might have missed during the minute-long Fontaine teaser at the end of the version 3.8 livestream.

The recent Special Program for Genshin Impact 3.8 ended on a surprising note as many players were awe-struck by including a preview of the upcoming region of Fontaine at the end of the stream. Alice, the mother of Klee, has voiced the video, which is around a minute in length.

Although players have excitedly taken the crumbs of the information shown in the video and maybe even rewatched it, there are specific minute details that they might have missed. Let’s dive into the depths of the Fontaine waters and look at what version 4.0 might have in store.


  • Fontaine sneak peek and release date
  • The city of Fontaine
  • A sneak peek at the Fontaine plotline
  • New mechanics in Fontaine

Fontaine sneak peek and release date

As mentioned, the Fontaine sneak peek was shown at the end of the Twith Special Program for Genshin Impact 3.8. Players who missed the livestream can find it on the official Genshin Impact Youtube channel. The following video starting from timestamp 32:00, shows the teaser for Fontaine.

The Nation of Justice will be released in version 4.0. Considering the usual cycle of 42 days for each update, players can expect to see the area on or around August 16. The region will introduce new characters, POIs, Archon Quests, and events.

The city of Fontaine

The teaser shows a glimpse of the city of Fontaine. The highlighting feature of the town seems to be its raised canal system on which we can see what looks like engine-powered boats moving. The justice-loving guard, a Melusine, can be seen working tirelessly patrolling the city and the waterways. In French, Melusine refers to creatures like the river mermaids. Keen-eyed viewers may have noticed a blurry figure of the traveler sitting atop the boat along with another figure resembling another Melusine.

The location featured in the video “Fleuve Cendre” literally means “Ash River.” This area of Fontaine looks like the central city as we can see a lot of tall buildings and shops. A particular fountain can also grab your attention. It is located in front of the tall building, which is probably one of the important buildings in Fontaine. The fountain can be seen to have a lot of Mora thrown into it.

The people of Fontaine might have a great sense of fashion as we can also see a designer store in the city. One of the leaked characters is known to own a clothing shop. Furthermore, the divide in the city is evident in the stark contrast between the architecture and overall looks of the overworld and the underground.

The Melusine is also patrolling an underground location. The canals, thus, might also connect underground. This could be pretty interesting, as some leaks had earlier predicted that Fontaine has an underground jail.

A sneak peek at the Fontaine plotline

in-game screenshot of Genshin Impact
Credits: HoYoverse

Although the main feature of the video was a first look at the locations of Fontaine, the voice-over by Alice revealed some details about the possible plotline of the Archon Quests. Here is what Alice narrates during the teaser:

“In the nation of justice, there is a little upstanding Melusine. She is considered to be one of the most diligent in her duties, even among her kin. Look how hard she is working for justice in this nation even today. Don’t let this little Melusine’s size fool you. What she lacks in size she makes up for in her sense of justice. Bolstered by her convictions, she patrols Flueve Cendre fearlessly by herself. If anyone suspiciously appears, such as an unknown Outlander, she will be sure to watch their every move. But, before anything suspicious occurs, the just little Melusine will never act without authorization and accuse an innocent person. Well, not usually that is. But if the upstanding outlander isn’t careful and finds themselves caught up in some misunderstandings, then we can let the court decide their fate.”

While the Melusine seems to be the main catch of this narration, it also reveals some details about the Outlander traveler. As usual, the traveler might get in trouble with the authority of Fontaine due to some misunderstanding. The last sentence of the narration says that they might be taken to court, which stays consistent with the fact that Fontaine is the land of Justice. It is worth seeing what kind of trouble they are getting into this time and if someone is out there for their rescue.

In the last scene, we can see some faint ruins under the water as the traveler dives in. This could indicate a past where they were not under the water. This poses a possibility of the story of an underwater city. Previously, we had seen some glimpses of a doorway under the water.

New mechanics in Fontaine

leaked screenshot from the Fontaine region in Genshin Impact.
Credits: HoYoverse

As expected after the earlier version 3.7 preview, the 4.0 patch will also release a brand new gameplay mechanism. Interestingly, travelers can now dive into the water and participate in an interactive underwater exploration. It might be related to the Hydro Archon presiding over Fontaine. More importantly, the exploration feature will also bring about some puzzle mechanisms. For instance, the traveler can be seen breaking a vine to reveal a chest in the teaser. We can also see a lot of farmable fish that can be targeted without any weapon.

As we await more news on the upcoming update, plenty of leaks are worth exploring for curious fans. Meanwhile, check out our Genshin Impact page for fantastic tips, guides, and news.

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