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‘I Personally Wouldn’t Want It’: Bryson DeChambeau Critiques The New Rolled-Back Golf Ball After Testing It

Suchita Chakraborty

Bryson DeChambeau

The PGA Tour decided to go with the new rollback policy released by the USGA and R&A back in December, but Bryson DeChambeau is not content after testing the new rolled-back golf ball. Although DeChambeau doesn’t play on the PGA Tour, he is supposed to use these latest sets of balls even in his league. This is because the rollback policy is implemented to be followed by both professional and amateur circuits, and no golfer is excluded from this. 

Thus, the LIV compatriot thought to take a look at the new ball, which ended up utterly disappointing the player. Let’s take a look at his experience, which was released on his YouTube channel!

Bryson DeChambeau Shares His Unhappy Experience Of Using The Rolled-Back Golf Ball

DeChambeau went ahead and tested the new ball, the same the professionals will be playing with in a few years. These balls will cover a 15-yard shorter distance and he wasn’t impressed after scoring one-under over nine holes. The LIV golfer said that RangeGoats balls are better than these.

“Range balls go farther than this…They don’t have that type of compression. I know when I’ve hit range balls in the past and I’ll hit it off the heel and toe it will miss right and left…So there’s something about the compression of it that makes the ball not react to send it back straight. Everything I saw today, from my perspective, I personally wouldn’t want it.”

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He also stated that it was not making just a 10-15 yards difference as stated, but the difference was, in fact, bigger.

“They’re saying it’s like a ten to 11-yard difference but it’s like 15 to 20. I don’t like it…Because the ball is going shorter, it’s just not curving as much. When it’s going shorter it’s just not curving as much. Normally, that ball would be going farther and curving more.”

While DeChambeau dislikes the ball, Rory McIlroy previously stated that the new golf ball would help with the sustainability of golf. This decision was taken by the golf governing authorities because the balls were going to reach further ranges over time, so a technically tested ball would be used for play. The change will be implemented from 2028 for professionals and 2030 for amateurs. Therefore, it is to see how other pros react when the new balls launch in the market. 

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Suchita Chakraborty

Suchita Chakraborty


Suchita Chakraborty is a senior golf writer at The SportsRush. She did her post-graduation at St. Xavier's University. For a year now, she has developed a riveting inclination toward golf, with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy being her top-tier motivational figures to indulge in the sport. She even lives by the words of the Hall of Famer, "You can always become better", which impels her to excel every day. Her strong suit in golf is covering the LPGA Tour, especially the nooks and crannies of the international event, the Solheim Cup. As a pastime amusement, Suchita also engages herself in reading about golf controversies. Her favorite pick is ‘LIV and Let Die’ by Alan Shipnuck, which covers the PGA-LIV beef.

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