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PGA Tour Policy Board Player Director Adam Scott Wants A Meeting Between PGA Tour Players And The PIF

Suchita Chakraborty

Adam Scott

Adam Scott, who is one of the Players Directors of the PGA Tour policy board urged for a meeting between the player directors and the PIF. This is because the PGA Tour updated its status with the PIF negotiations and stated that both parties are about to settle a deal. As both parties are willing to coexist, Player Directors are taking part to have a say in the future of elite golf. 

Also, players have planned to meet Yasir Al-Rumayyan regarding the deal. This is something that Scott desires to come to fruition as player involvement successfully got SSG into partnership with the PGA Tour for a for-profit entity and received an investment of $3 billion from the consortium of sports team owners. Reflecting on the same, he spoke in an interview session.

Adam Scott Hopes To Meet Yasir Al-Rumayyan For The PGAT-PIF deal

Speaking in an interview, Adam Scott stated how important it is for the players to meet Al-Rumayyan as these players are the voting members for any crucial decision for the PGA Tour.

“Ultimately the players are some of the vote going into whether a deal will happen or not, just like it was with SSG. With the seriousness of what we’re voting on, I think it is important that we’ve all met no matter what anyone’s feelings are.”

He also showed a willingness to make this meeting happen as whatever the outcome is will come forth and this matter will get resolved in the future. As far as the talks with the PIF are concerned even Monahan affirmed that the matter is accelerating and isn’t on halt. 

“I recently met with the governor of the PIF, Yasir Al-Rumayyan, and our negotiations are accelerating as we spend time together. While we have several key issues that we still need to work through, we have a shared vision to quiet the noise and unlock golf’s worldwide potential.”

Amid these ongoing negotiations, a vital tour loyalist Rory McIlroy will be missing the player director meeting as he resigned last year in November and was replaced by Jordan Spieth. But the new Player Director isn’t quite interested in having a deal with the Saudi PIF for the future. However, witnessing the necessity to have a last-hour meeting, Spieth also confirmed that it is needed. 

Apart from this, Spieth didn’t reflect upon whether there was a possibility of a deal or not. But at least the golf world will be in contention that finally a verdict comes out of the two parties regarding their status for the future. 

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Suchita Chakraborty

Suchita Chakraborty


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