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Why Did Tiger Woods Have A Spinal Fusion Surgery? Injuries Explored In Book Excerpt By Bob Harig

Kunal Singh

Tiger Woods may have become the greatest golfer of all time, but it was not an easy road. In his almost three-decade-long professional career, the American golfer has won countless titles and suffered countless injuries. However, that did not end his career, it just made him bounce back even stronger. Back in 2017, a similar career-threatening injury knocked on his doors. He had to undergo spinal fusion surgery since he had nerve-numbing problems in his spine.

In the recently released DRIVE: The Lasting Legacy of Tiger Woods, a book by Bob Harig, an entire chapter called “The Doctor” is dedicated to Woods’s spinal fusion surgery. It is said that if the 15-time major champion had not undergone the procedure, he would have never returned to the game.

Back in April 2017, Dr. Richard Guyer performed the surgery on Tiger Woods. However, the doctor was shocked to see the willpower of the 82-time PGA Tour champion. As quoted by Sports Illustrated, the excerpt having Guyer’s words read,

“I have always believed in Tiger,” Guyer said, “If anyone could do this, it was him. His ability to will himself is really amazing, and that has nothing to do with his spinal fusion. He’s just a remarkable example of someone who has unbelievable will.”

The surgery indeed helped Tiger Woods in the best possible way. The American golfer returned to competition and won the 2019 Masters becoming the major champion for the 15th time in his career.

Tiger Woods Is Gearing Up For The 2024 Masters And Has Taken The Most Drastic Measures Possible

It is quite sad to admit that the golf legend is already past his prime era. But that does not mean he does not have the skills to win another golf major. Woods is all set to participate in his 26th Masters at Augusta National this week. So, before the mega event kicks off, he has taken the most drastic precautionary method possible.

Recently, a close friend of Tiger Woods had stated to the New York Post that the 15-time major champion is spending more and more time in the gym and is focused for the 2024 Masters. He also revealed that the American golfer has restricted himself from engaging in any sexual activities before the tournament gets concluded.

“He’s focused. He’s working really hard in the gym. He’s eating right. He’s even eliminated sex.” a friend of Woods said, “He does that now when he’s preparing: no sex until the tournament is over. He doesn’t want anything to take away his focus.”

Since he has already parted ways with Erica Herman in 2023, this may spark a quick question among the fans if Tiger Woods is dating someone. As per reports, he is said to be single and his friend has also chose not to comment on the matter.

But with this kind of determination, it will be interesting to see if Woods can win his 16th major title at the 2024 Masters and create another comeback moment for fans to cherish.

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Kunal Singh

Kunal Singh


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