GTA 6 Leaks : Revealed Features and What it means for Rockstar

Adnan Juzar Kachwala
|Published 20/09/2022

Recently GTA 6 leaks on the internet exploded with story details, features, and side mission info.

The GTAForums user “teapotuberhacker” has placed a host of 100 videos online, claiming it to be early GTA VI footage. Therefore, the videos spread like wildfire on every social media, claiming them to be authentic.

The textures are unfinished, indicating their realism. There are videos showcasing NPC interactions, the main character, and more.

The Gameplay

There was footage of a character carrying a pistol with a rifle in the back. This indicates that infinite pocket storage won’t be part of the game anymore.

This resembles the Red Dead Redemption 2 system of inventory. A video showed footage of a strip club along with the use of proprietary tools.

However, the most exciting part of the leaked footage was the Bonnie-Clyde-style couple(apparently named Jason and Lucia) robbing a waffle joint.

There is footage of multiple cars, NPC interacting with each other, and the incorporation of numerous ethnicities.

There are claims of restaurants, gyms, basketball courts, smoke shops, and bowling alleys in these GTA 6 leaks.

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Story Details

These GTA 6 leaks presented fans, unexpectedly, with more information than they bargained for.

We already knew the game was set in Vice City but included multiple playable characters.

The leaks included Main Character reveals, location, maps, and NPCs to unfinished textures and gameplay mechanics.

Rockstar’s Response

Rockstar commented on the issue by issuing a public statement on Twitter. The statement below shows the legitimacy of the break-in.

The Rockstar Games Team felt disappointed with how the news of their new game leaked but promised to keep the fans updated.

However, the fans did not show much sympathy as they had long waited for another installment of the beloved franchise.

The fans seemed divided, with some siding with Rockstar in this leak while others criticizing them for taking too long to make the next installment of GTA.

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GTA 6 does not have a definitive release date. Rockstar has been very secretive in hiding the game’s details from the public.

Gamers have speculated a gameplay release this year, even more so because of these leaks. Rockstar has fewer choices due to these leaks in terms of withholding information.

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