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GTA V Peyote Plant Locations: All 27 Locations Revealed

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

GTA V Peyote Plant Locations: All 27 Locations Revealed

This article will look at all 27 GTA V Peyote Plant Locations. The plant will turn you into an animal and give you hallucinations.

The Peyote Plants give you hallucinations that turn you into an animal in GTA V. You cannot go back to the same spot and have hallucinations if you have not collected all the plants first. That is why we will see all 27 locations so you can repeat the hallucinations and cause trouble. You cannot choose what animal you turn into; however, it is random. These GTA V Peyote Plant locations are quite easy to find.

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Peyote Plant Locations Revealed: Cause Ruckus as an Animal!

Check the video above for more assistance.

1. Mount Chiliad

On top of Mount Chiliad after taking the cable car, southwest. Near the two red flags.

2. La Puerta

Between the batting cages, the baseball ground at La Puerta/Chamberlain Hills.

3. Raton Canyon

You will need a helicopter. It is between a rocky outcrop on the top.

4. Mount Gordo

On the base of two trees near the lake.

5. Los Santos International Airport

Near the Forklift and Wrecked Bus behind Customs.

6. Pacific Ocean

Directly below a concrete pillar at the end of Del Perro Pier. You will have to dive underwater to get it.

7. Tongva Hills

At the south of the Two Hoots Falls, near the rocks below the stream.

8. Raton Canyon

On top of the Canyon, to the right of the viewing platform.

9. Paleto Bay

In a park, near a dustbin on top of a mound, near a bench.

10. Pacific Ocean

Near a small island to the southeast of the NOOSE headquarters.

11. Vinewood Hills

North of the houses, near a drain.

12. Alamo Sea

Near a rounded outcrop, northwest of the sea.

13. Pacific Ocean

Near a sunken boat, away from the Great Ocean Highway Bridge. Make sure you get the Scuba gear to get this.

14. El Burro Heights

Near the El Burro Heights Scrapyard, west of the car park located across the road.

15. Ron Alternatives Wind Farm

In the trailer park near the wind farm.

16. Vinewood Hills

Near some bushes situated near the Galileo Laboratory.

17. Vinewood Hills

Near the Park Ranger Station, beside a huge rock.

18. Grand Senora Desert

Located on the side of the Redwood Light tracks, southeast on a hill.

19. West Vinewood

On the rooftop balcony of the Gentry Manor Hotel, on the side nearest to the road, beside a plant pot.

20. San Andreas

On top of the Venetian Hotel, near the plant pot on the side of some grass patches.

21. Los Santos International Airport

East of the airport, near an inlet.

22. Mount Chiliad

Hills surround the mountain. Make sure to get a helicopter.

23. Mirror Park

Plant pot near the porch.

24. Pacific Ocean

On the west coast of Paleto Bay, near a patch of sponges and near a stone archway.

25. Pacific Ocean

Use diving gear for this. It is located near the ocean east of Humane Labs and Research, near the wreckage of a large truck.

26. Fort Zancudo

North of the fort, near a valley.

27. Grand Senora Desert

West of Trevor’s airstrip, near oil derricks.

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