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“This Guy Will Change Your Life”: UFC President Dana White Credits Biologist Gary Brecka to Help Him Regain His Health

Radha Iyer

Discovering the Superhuman Protocol: Biologist Gary Brecka’s Solution for UFC CEO Dana White’s Ailments

Cardiovascular diseases is among the leading killers in the world. Biologist Gary Brecka has often highlighted how metabolic syndrome is the primary trigger for these conditions. In a conversation with UFC President Dana White, Dr. Brecka explained what exactly metabolic syndrome is, its five markers, and how he helped White regain his health—and that too, with hardly any pills.

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that indicate a deeper cardiological problem. Brecka reveals that having as little as two symptoms could also put an individual at a higher risk of heart disease. With all the markers to look out for, he revealed White’s lab reports for reference and how his health underwent a jaw-dropping transformation.

To begin, Brecka lists the five markers of metabolic disease:

  1. Triglycerides
  2. Insulin
  3. Abdominal obesity
  4. Blood pressure
  5. Weight

Abnormal results in even two of these five criteria indicate the presence of metabolic syndrome, which points to an upcoming heart disease. In White’s case, he showed abnormalities in all five criteria until Brecka set him up with an optimal plan.

“My life is exactly the same now as it was, you know, a year and a half ago before I met you, except for the fact that I feel incredible every day. I’m way more productive…when you said give me ten weeks…and no b*****it, I feel like I’m in my 20s now.”

White revealed how his concerns grew when his lab reports pointed to some serious problems, despite his doctors assuring him he was fine. At this stage, his triglycerides peaked at 800, his insulin levels hung around the 60s, and he weighed around 236 lbs. He also registered a high blood pressure of 160 over 110 and showcased concerning results in all parameters of the metabolism syndrome.

That’s when Brecka’s Superhuman protocol came to his rescue. A big change in his daily routine made an incredible difference. His triglycerides fell to 130, his insulin levels dropped to 9, and his weight now fluctuated between 192 and 196. The biologist was against using pills and charted out an entire routine for the UFC CEO to follow. This included a keto reset diet to bring down his triglyceride levels and insulin increase, common peptides for hormonal balance, and gradually guiding him off his blood pressure medication for a specific reason.

White’s blood showed increased levels of homocysteine, indicating a chance of cardiovascular disease. However, Brecka’s clinical team corrected it with a form of amino acids and got their levels down. With a green signal from every parameter in the end, White was good to go. He credited the biologist for every inch of improvement he achieved in terms of his health.

“This is all the stuff that I learned from Gary, and it’s real, it’s legit. I don’t care how old you are…this guy will change your life”

Dana White’s sustained attempts, with the help of Gary Brecka, led to improved results

Unlike any other antidote that he tried out, White stressed that the Superhuman protocol helped him feel young again. He recalled suffering from brain fog, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and many other concerning issues. He credited Brecka for picking out the root cause and addressing that before surface-level symptoms.

“Your doctor’s going to put you on a CPAP machine that you strap to your face, and you try to sleep all night while oxygen and water are blowing up your nose… They either want to put you on pills or they want to sell you something else.”

For his parting notes, Brecka stressed the importance of getting a comprehensive blood work report. It is crucial for individuals who want to understand the underlying issues and consequently work with their GPs to identify the chances of metabolic syndrome.

Post Edited By:Simar Singh Wadhwa

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