“I no longer understand life”: Adult Film Star Eva Elfie congratulated S1mple and NaVi after winning the CSGO Major.

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|Published November 10, 2021

Adult star Eva Elfie congratulated NaVi and simple on winning their first Major title in CS:GO. This shows the amount of popularity that the gaming industry has gained in the past 2 years.

S1mple and NaVi created history at Stockholm Majors 2021 organised by PGL. A celebrity fan from an unrelated industry greeted s1mple and his squad.

The adult show industry raises eyebrows in a lot of communities. People from that industry can not be associated with gaming usually.

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S1mple and NaVi won their first major at PGL Stockholm 2021.

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Eva Elfie seems to know her way around the Counter-Strike Global Offensive. She bid good luck to Sasha Kostyliev and his teammates minutes before NaVi vs G2 finals.

The adult star also seems to have a PC themed on NaVi. She also celebrated NaVi’s first map win against G2, by posting a short clip.

At the end of the final post, she congratulates the entire team and wished them luck for future endeavours. Eva exclaimed. “Good Game!”

The event is evidence of how Gaming became the primary mode of entertainment since 2020. The ever-increasing Twitch viewership count is another sign of exponential growth.

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Eva Elfie congratulated Simple and NaVi on winning CSGO major.

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CSGO is one of the most played and viewed esports events ever. One of the reasons was the hot streak Sasha “s1mple” Kostyliev was on. NaVi did not drop a single map in the Champions stage.

S1mple also went on to become the highest-rated player ever at a singular major. He was the MVP of Stockholm Major with a player rating of 1.47 out of 2.0.

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We first noticed Eva when HLTV forums mentioned her account existing on HLTV. Apparently, Sasha has been interacting with Eva for some time now.

Oleksandr Sasha “s1mple” Kostyliev has always been called the “Uncrowned King” of CSGO. That is the case no more.

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