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“Niko…I am sorry!!”: How Shroud, KennyS and Tarik reacted to the G2 Niko Deagle miss.

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g2 niko Stockholm amjor post match

G2 Niko is one of the best fraggers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Yet he choked one of the most important Deagle shots in his career.

Nikola “Niko” Kovacs is one of the best gamers in CS: GO with consistency to prove for it. Even though he has almost every title under his grasp, there is no major title to his name.

PGL Stockholm 2021 Major was the best chance at Niko’s title clutch. But, Lady Luck had something else in mind completely. Niko missed the most important kill in his career yet.

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Over 2.5 million concurrent viewers took to the official PGL streams. This excludes the streamer watch along. The Grand Finals for Stockholm Major was the most-watched CS: GO event ever.

Stockholm Major finals are the closest G2 Niko has come to clinching a Major.

The finals were all about Niko versus s1mple, G2 versus NaVi. It was a race for Nikola and Oleksandr to clinch the first Major title of their career.

First map Ancient was a breeze for NaVi, though there were some early game complications. With a 16-11 score s1mple and NaVi looked to close up with his regular map, Nuke.

At Nuke,  G2 and Niko took an early lead. G2 had to win this round to force a third to stay in contention for the Major title. More importantly, Mirage was necessary to curb Natus Vincere’s momentum.

But, at 15-12 OT to G2, Niko missed his chance to take out s1mple from heaven at Bombsite A. Eventually, G2 lost the game with Niko in shambles.

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G2 Niko missed his chance to force Map 3 to stop NaVi momentum.

A lot of streamers broadcasted the live match between Navi and G2. The reactions were raw and most couldn’t believe what they witnessed.

KennyS was ready to celebrate by saying”Niko is gonna end right here.” And then suddenly, KennyS drops to the floor in disbelief as Niko missed his shot on s1mple. He thought he jinxed it.

Shroud, on the other hand, exclaimed “Holy F***” as he looked to the skies. Everyone including Tarik, Flom or streamer in other languages had the same raw reactions.

Nikola started out in 2013. He won pretty much everything while at Faze Clan. But the Major title still eludes him.

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Even NaVi supporters flipped at the Deagle miss.

Niko choked at his most important Deagle shot yet in his career. But, if the major was any sign, G2 eSports is ready to take on the world. A major next year seems very possible.

As a result, we sincerely hope Niko gets back on his feet and be ready for business as usual. Best of luck Niko!

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