John Cena to face Kane next week on Raw

Gokul Nair
|Published 21/03/2018

The Cenation Leader’s quest for a WrestleMania continued during RAW. Having already openly challenged The Undertaker last week, much to the delight of the WWE Universe, Cena failed to gather a response from The Deadman.

A fired up Cena did not hesitate getting into the skin of The Phenom, but the segment did not end as Cena would have liked with the arrival of “The Big Red Monster” Kane. Cena made a mistake of asking the 7 foot giant on whether he is here to deliver a message, only to get chokeslammed right in the middle of the ring.

As a result of this unpredictable event, the two will square off at RAW next week. The match is speculated to lead to an angle where Undertaker gets involved to accept the challenge put forward by Cena himself.

The WWE continue to play the fans with this ultra slow build towards the dream match, next week would be the last opportunity for the company to set up a build for the match with only a few weeks remaining for the “Show Of Shows”.

However, if the Undertaker’s return is off the cards, the WWE will have to scratch from the bottom to find an opponent for Cena with several top stars already booked for the biggest show of the year.

Do you feel that The Cenation Leader vs. The Big Red Monster will lead somewhere next week? Wait to find out!

With just a couple of weeks to go before Mania, the Undertaker will need to make an appearance pretty soon. Cena has carried this program all by himself, but it’s time the Deadman makes his appearance.

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