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Jose Mourinho escalates his fight with Chelsea’ Conte with ‘match-fixing remarks’

Aakash Sivasubramaniam
|Sat Jan 06 2018

Manchester United’s Jose Mourinho has continued his feud with Chelsea’s Antoine Conte by saying that he has never been suspended in his career for ‘match-fixing.’

The Italian tactician received a four-month ban while he was at the Turin with Juventus in the 2012-13 season for failing to report match-fixing at his former club, Siena.

However, in the year 2016, the Italian manager was cleared by the court of any wrong-doings. Mourinho’s comments came after the Chelsea manager accused him of forgetting his own past antics.

Conte’s response to Mourinho’s comments:

According to BBC, Conte had reacted angrily this week to Mourinho’s assertion that he did not need to act like a “clown” in his technical area, saying: “I think he has to see himself in the past – maybe he was speaking about himself in the past.”

In the post-match conference following their 2-0 win against Derby, the Portuguese manager confirmed that comments were no directed at the Italian.

“The only thing I want to say to end the story is that yes, I made mistakes in the past on the touchline. Yes, I will make less but I think I will still make a few,” he said following that comments.

Mourinho’s dig at Conte:

Following that, however, the Portuguese took a dig at Conte for his suspension after he failed to report the incident.

“What never happened to me – and will never happen – is to be suspended for match-fixing. That never happened to me and will never happen,” he added.

Mourinho concluded at the end of the post-match presentation that the battle is on between the two superstar manager and as things stand Mourinho does not look like giving up on that status.

“I am starting to be a bit annoyed. If you want to go to fight with me I am ready. I am improving a bit my English – because this is the real problem for me – otherwise we can go, we can go to fight.” he concluded.

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