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Juan Foyth makes humiliating move on Philippe Coutinho during Copa America semi-final match

Tanish Chachra
|Wed Jul 03 2019

Juan Foyth embarrasses Philippe Coutinho in the latter minute of Brazil’s 2-0 victory against Argentina in the semi-final round.

Argentina clashed against Brazil in the most anticipated match of the Copa America tournament, in which Brazil came out victorious by a 2-0 scoreline.

Even though, Brazil won the match, but Juan Foyth did not fail to humiliate one of the Brazilian superstars-Philippe Coutinho with his skillful move on the player.

The Tottenham superstar made a mockery out of Coutinho when the player faked a move with a feint, and in response Coutinho in anticipation followed Foyth but the Argentine International kept the ball where it was to make a fool out of his counterpart.

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It seemed as if Foyth expected Coutinho to make this mistake, thus, he had his own moment in a disappointing match. Argentina faced a difficult night once again as it lost another opportunity to win a silverware in years.

Brazil took the lead through Gabriel Jesus just before the 20 minute mark and another Premier League player, Roberto Firmino, made it 2-0 on 71 minutes.

Unfortunately, Foyth came late into the game, and had nothing to offer except the skill against the Barcelona midfielder in a match, which was already lost.

Although, Argentina struggled in this campaign of the Copa America, and with a loss to Colombia and draw with Paraguay in the Group Stages and it came as no surprise that they lost to Brazil in the semi-final.

However, following the match Lionel Messi accused referees of bias towards Brazil and surprised as the match officials did not use VAR, after Sergio Aguero was fouled by Dani Alves.

The Argentina’s captain had an underwhelming tournament himself, as he only managed to score one goal that too from a penalty, the 32-year-old had other complaints from the organizers of the tournament too.

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