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Sergio Aguero Valorant: Barcelona Football star to co-stream Valorant Champions 2021 and KRU ESports Matches Live on Twitch

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kun aguero valorant champions co streamer twitch

Kun Aguero was just announced as one of the Co-streamers of Valorant Champions 2021 in Latin America on Twitch. Just like Neymar, the Argentine football celeb shows his support for ESports.

Sergio Aguero rose to fame with his incredible season in Manchester City in 2011. The 33-year-old Argentine star is part of the National team since 2004.

Similar to a few other traditional sportspersons like LeBron and Neymar, he is slowly showing his support for eSports. This is great news for the South American eSports community.

For the uninitiated, Kun Aguero is the owner of the KRU Esports team based in South America. Recently, they qualified for Valorant Champions’ first iteration.

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Kun Aguero is one of the few South American footballers who made their mark in European Clubs. Also, rivalling the likes of Benzema and Harry Kane statistically.

About Kun Aguero on the pitch and Valorant streams.

Sergio Leonel Agüero del Castillo was born in Buenos Aires in Argentina. Currently, he is playing for Spanish giants Barcelona after transferring from Manchester City. There, he stayed for over a decade.

Scoring over 260 goals during his stay, he also won the EPL title and UEFA titles. But, the FIFA World Cup still remains elusive to him like many other South American national players.

Aguero’s current show of support for gaming is amazing but not surprising. As a result, the eSports scene in SA might just pick up the pace.

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How to watch Sergio Aguero Valorant Champions Stream?

Sergio goes by the handle of SLAKUN10 on Twitch. With the help of Lionel Messi, the Argentine football superstar, he rose to exponential fame.

Also, Sergio’s attention to detail in streams is pretty solid. So, LatAm Fans will find the stream engrossing. Aguero Valorant Champions Twitch co- stream comes as no shock.

Go to SLAKUN10 Channel on Twitch when the Valorant Champions 2021 starts. One can also watch the official English stream on Valorant TwitchTV.

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