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Lazarbeam YouTube ban: Lazarbeam strike banned from YouTube for two weeks due to TikTok compilation upload

Arnab Mukherjee

Lazarbeam YouTube ban

Lazarbeam YouTube ban: In an incident that comes as another major surprise, star Youtuber Lazarbeam has been banned from YouTube without much info.

The trend continues and major content creators keep facing bans and uncooperative treatment at the hands of respective platforms. After Voyboy’s recent Twitch ban, Lazarbeam joins the list on YouTube.

Lazarbeam YouTube ban: What’s the deal?

In a tweet that he uploaded yesterday, Lannan “Lazarbeam” Eacott revealed his recent YouTube ban. As a person who uploads innovative, bold content, Lazar has already been banned once before. It wasn’t that long ago either & the reasons were similar.

On both occasions, YouTube deemed the content that Lazarbeam uploaded against community guidelines. On both occasions, they were TikTok compilations. And on both occasions, it’s highly questionable if the punishment fits the crime.

This time it was a video called “TIK TOKS worth watching” that got Lazar into trouble.

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The reaction: JackSepticeye & Dan TDM speak out.

The reaction to this second ban, much like the first, was of shock and surprise. A major part of the community seems to be of the opinion that such action is unjust and hardly warranted. Famous YouTubers like JackSepticeye & Dan TDM both made their disappointment known.

This is not the first case of this sort by any means, however. Several YouTubers have been plagued by the platform’s obscure guidelines on such issues and the lack of proper communication. Renowned creators like Markiplier & PewDiePie have also spoken up about it.

However, Lazarbeam will have to bear the heat for now. This is his 2nd ban & a third, if it happens, will cause his channel with 17 million subs to get permanently deleted.

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