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Latest MrBeast Video Has Fans Comparing Him to the Dark Knight’s Joker

Amlan Roy

An image showing Joker and MrBeast

James “MrBeast” Stephen Donaldson fans are reminded of the Dark Knight as the internet celebrity finds extreme resemblance with Joker in his latest video. DC’s Joker is known as the clown prince of crime in the Batman universe and is quite beloved for his whimsical character style. While many versions of Jokers are undertaken by creatives globally, Christopher Nolan’s casting of Heath Ledger is considered a masterpiece.

YouTube sensation, MrBeast is known for making out of world contents that require a lot of money. His latest creation involves a new game that requires the challenger to defend $500,000 at all costs. The catch is, that MrBeast will do his best to destroy the amount given at all costs by using tanks.

Netizens concluded by calling MrBeast Joker from the Dark Knight after seeing footage that resembles a scene from the movie. In the Dark Knight trilogy, Joker burning a huge pile of cash is one of the most iconic scenes as it is followed by the dialogue, “It’s not about money, it’s about sending a message.”

With both fiction and reality coming together in one place, fans connected the dots to state that MrBeast has become the same character. Though doing all these types of content does end up being risky for the YouTuber as in some cases, his games turn out to be extreme.

Did MrBeast commit a felony by destroying currency?

According to the US legislature, it is considered illegal to burn down money. With MrBeast’s latest video being about trying to destroy money, netizens have been enraged about his latest video. The main reason was the destruction of currency as many suffer in the world due to the lack of accessibility. And MrBeast destroying said resource seemed disrespectful to all those individuals. Netizens have duly pointed out that the money he uses could have been used for other philanthropic purposes.

While a lot of drama surrounds MrBeast, it has been pointed out by some fans that the YouTuber uses fake cash while displaying them on the internet. So whatever wrong he does with them in his videos, he is technically not breaking the law. Finally, to answer the question, no MrBeast hasn’t committed a felony in his latest video.

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