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LOL Prime Gaming: Riot Games level up the rewards received from League of Legends Prime subscription

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LOL Prime subscription rewards have been updated recently by Riot Games. The improved reward bundle was announced yesterday.

Amazon Prime gaming subscriptions started as drops on Twitch in 2017. It is the era where PUBG established new heights in the Gaming industry.

LOL Prime subscription started in 2018 as an additional way to receive rewards. It primarily started as Twitch Drops for subscribing and watching a streamer for a specified time.

Starting on October 27, Riot Games increased the subscription perks League players get as Amazon Prime members. This announcement came just after the end of the QuarterFinals, which eliminated all other regions except Asia.

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The LOL Prime updated bundle will be available for the next 7 months.

LOL prime novemberRiot also stated that the current weekly skin shard has been changed to Monthly Capsule. For the next seven months, Prime members can log in with their Amazon account on the League of Legends website.

After that the League players can claim a monthly Prime Gaming Capsule which contains the following items:

  • 650 RP
  • An unowned 1350 RP Skin that is permanently owned in-game
  • 200 Orange Essence
  • Five Champion Shards
  • Two Series 1 Eternals Shards
  • A 30-day XP boost card

Prime members will also continue to receive a free channel subscription every month. They can use it to support their favourite Twitch streamer, along with other Twitch perks.

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The Reward collection is now monthly rather than weekly as before.

LoL Prime Gaming

Additionally, LoL Esports fans can claim ‘Happiness Overload’ emote this LOL Worlds. Over that, there will be two other emotes to collect in 2022.

To be honest rewards from Prime subscriptions are always something to look out for. Consequently, the current updates to rewards received is a decent try to maintain the player base.

As a result, we have to wait and see how this really pans out. A Decade in MOBA, and not much improvements to Playerbase.

To sum up, the more the rewards, the merrier we are.

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