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Lamar Jackson sues 3rd richest man Jeff Bezos’ Amazon for profiting off his $5 million net worth without his consent

Jayanth Gorantla
|Wed Jul 27 2022

Lamar Jackson claims his brand and likeliness have allegedly been stolen by Jeff Bezos’ Amazon. Jackson’s team is planning on suing Amazon. 

Lamar Jackson is one of the rising stars of the NFL with his electric play style and personality. Jackson has already won a league MVP and made multiple playoff appearances already. He is the quarterback of the future for the Baltimore Ravens.

His latest season did not go as planned with injuries hitting Lamar and his team. They finished with a 8-9 record and did not qualify for the playoffs. They were last in their division.

Despite not being too successful recently, Lamar still has a lot of popularity with not just Ravens fans, but NFL fans around the world.

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Jeff Bezos’ Amazon is selling products with Lamar’s likeliness without his knowledge

Recently, it has been brought to Lamar and his team’s attention that Amazon is selling merchandise with his nicknames and likeliness. This was a surprise to Lamar as his team did not allow Amazon to do so.

Usually, there are a lot of rip off or scam third party websites selling merchandise on athletes likeliness. This scenario is different solely due to Jackson’s worth. Jackson owns a brand, Era 8, that sells authentic merchandise he endorses. This third party scam can result in millions of dollars of loss to Lamar.

Lamar Jackson’s team cites that a lot of goods are labeled as “shipped and sold by Amazon” or “Fulfillment by Amazon” which holds Amazon responsible. Due to this, they are taking the action of suing Amazon itself.

Jackson’s team states that Amazon is “blatantly exploiting” his fame and likeliness. They are also “deceiving” customers with the idea that the merchandise is endorsed by Lamar.

Likeliness that is being copied and sold includes slogans and phrases like “LaMarvelous”, “Action Jackson”, “Not Bad for a Running Back”, and “Quarterback #8.” These are all very hard to hold meaning of any other individual or idea than Lamar.

This legal action is most likely going to end in a settlement between Amazon and Jackson’s party. It is not likely to develop into a very serious case due to the fact that Amazon can claim they are just a middle man. Jackson’s team would have to go after the primary third party and Amazon could get away with a slap on the wrist.

Coming after Amazon and Jeff Bezos is a massive task. Jeff Bezos is the third richest man in the world. Bezos has a net worth of $146.5 billion net worth according to Forbes. Lamar Jackson has a net worth of $5 million according to Bio Overview.

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