“Terrible things are happening, many people are dying” – Bellator champion Yaroslav Amosov shares update from Ukraine

Adeep Sri Narayana
|Published March 15, 2022

Bellator welterweight champion, Yaroslav Amosov has shared an update on the current scenario from Ukraine.

The undefeated welterweight champion recently revealed that he will face other fights with many of the leading athletes in defending his country in Russia. Now, two weeks after the Russian invasion, Amosov took to Instagram to share a shocking update that says bad things are happening and he does not see an end soon.


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Amosov on Ukraine situation:


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“Terrible things are happening. I don’t understand those people who don’t believe what is going on in our country, they watch their TV and think everything is okay here,” Amosov continued. “They believe that you [the Russian people] are saving us. You’re not saving us, I don’t know how people of Ukraine will forgive Russia for what they did to our country. And this is not even the end.”

“Many people are dying,” Amosov said. “I don’t know how you can tell a person who lives in Ukraine what goes on here. I see it with my own eyes, I can hear it — well, I’m sure you guys can hear it. Our country will defend itself, our country will win. Our people are cohesive and our country is the best country in the world.”

Amosov is currently 26-0 and just won clear victory over Douglas Lima to win the welterweight title. He will defend his belt at the Bellator London big event on May 13 against Michael Page. Despite defending his country, the war is still raging. And there isn’t seem to a proper end to the current conflict to the situation, people from different background have joined hands to support and help Ukraine in this war.

Ukraine is also requesting that Russia should end this war. Russian should withdraw  their troops from the country. International Council of justice to be issue on March 16.

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