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MOUZ send ENCE packing on the last day of the CS:GO IEM Rio Major Legends Stage

Danyal Arabi

MOUZ send ENCE packing on the last day of the CS:GO IEM Rio Major Legends Stage

It seems that the Team Vitality and FaZe Clan upsets aren’t the only ones at the CS:GO IEM Rio Major. Underdog MOUZ has officially eliminated ENCE in a swift best-of-three today. Day four of the Legends Stage is filled with 2-2 games that will see three teams promoted, and three eliminated. Becoming the first to qualify, MOUZ has cemented its spot in the playoffs. The international squad keeps their dream run going, joining Furia, Cloud9, and others in the quarter-finals.

Here’s how the first matchup of day four went down.

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Dexter becomes the fourth Australian to ever make it to the top 8 in a CS:GO Major

Map summary:

  • Ancient (MOUZ’s pick): 16-5 to MOUZ
  • Nuke (ENCE’s pick): 8-16 to ENCE
  • Mirage (Decider): 16-9 to MOUZ

Starting on Ancient, MOUZ got off to a smooth T side start. Kicking off their campaign with a pistol-round win, MOUZ was able to put on a strong half. Traditionally considered CT sided, Ancient ended up 10-5 at the half to MOUZ’s favor. Switching to the CT side MOUZ displayed exactly why they picked this map. Disallowing ENCE from picking up a single T side round, MOUZ closed the map out 16-5.

Switching over to Nuke, the map ENCE eliminated Vitality on, they got a chance to flex their muscles. Starting off on the T side, ENCE was able to post a dominant 11-4 half. However, the match was delayed for a while due to a power outage at the arena Courtesy of Valdemar ‘valde’ Bjørn Vangså, ENCE was able to keep MOUZ on the back foot, despite flashes of individual brilliance. Ultimately, the map was comfortably won by ENCE with a 16-8 scoreline.

Culminating in a final showdown on Mirage, no clear favorite was seen. While both teams performed well on their picks, no game was really close. MOUZ, seemingly unperturbed by Nuke, took Mirage by storm. The map started off with ENCE dominance and a 7-1 scoreline in their favor. However, MOUZ was able to bounce back to an 8-7 scoreline in favor of ENCE. However, seemingly unlocking another level on their CT side, MOUZ only allowed ENCE one round, ending the game 16-9.

With this Dexter has made history as the fourth Australian to ever make it to the top eight in a major. The remaining games will be streamed at

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