Cover Image for 4x NBA Champ Draymond Green teaches Ja Morant the power of the ‘new media’ as Warriors set to host Grizzlies for Christmas Game

4x NBA Champ Draymond Green teaches Ja Morant the power of the ‘new media’ as Warriors set to host Grizzlies for Christmas Game

Raahib Singh
|Sun Aug 14 2022

Warriors’ Draymond Green invites Ja Morant and his family for Christmas Dinner after Warriors and Grizzlies announced to play on X-Mas Day

The Golden State Warriors have a new budding rivalry in the West. After going neck-to-neck with the Rockets during their late 2010s runs, a new challenger has appeared. The young Memphis Grizzlies have arrived to the party, and they want all the smoke.

After the Warriors and Grizzlies went head-to-head for the 8th spot in the West in 2021, Ja Morant and Memphis eliminated the Dubs in the play-in game. This only fueled the fire inside the Warriors. During the season, the teams met 4 times, with Memphis winning the season series 3-1.

However, when these teams met in the 2nd round of the playoffs, Draymond Green knew the result wouldn’t be the same. The Dubs showed their championship caliber and took down the youngbloods 4-2.

Once the season ended, Ja Morant wished the Grizzlies to host the Warriors for X-Mas, to which Draymond Green had a hilarious reply. I guess the NBA heard them and fulfilled their wishes.

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Draymond Green invites Ja Morant and family for X-Mas dinner

The NBA is a money-making business, and it always wants to maximize the revenue wherever possible. Most of the times, the same can be done by just paying heed to what the public wants. After Draymond and Morant went head-to-head on Twitter, there had been much anticipation about the Warriors-Grizzlies Christmas Day matchup.

The NBA gave us what we wanted, and tentatively announced the same.

Ja saw the same, and took it to Twitter,

Draymond also saw the same, and made sure he played a good host on Christmas.

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Regardless of the output on X-Mas day, the Morants would be feasting with the Greens.

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