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A Russell Westbrook Kemba Walker Trade Could Make Lebron James and the Lakers Very Happy

Tonoy Sengupta

A Russell Westbrook Kemba Walker Trade Could Make Lebron James and the Lakers Very Happy

Would LeBron James and the Lakers be better off with Kemba Walkers rather than Russell Westbrook?

It may be time to call it quits in LA already.

Russell Westbrook is an amazing basketball player. But the problem is, he is the kind that needs investment around him.

What does that mean? Well, he isn’t one of those athletes that is the most flexible as a complementary piece. And a large reason for that is his skillset.

Now, interestingly while all his drama with the Lakers has been going down, there has been a certain former star that could be waived by the Pistons very soon. And frankly, it’s something that the Lakers may want to look into it.

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Kemba Walker could be exactly what the Lakers are looking for

Kemba Walker hasn’t quite been a star since he left Charlotte.

His injuries caught up to him, he lost a significant amount of his burst. And even since then, he’s just been looking for another real chance to prove himself to the world.

The thing is though, while he can likely never be a star again, he is still a good shooter, and not too bad as a shot creator. This means he wouldn’t be a bad piece to slot in next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Frankly, the only problem here is his lack of defense. But, with the team having a lot of defensive pests now, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem either.

Considering everything, Kemba Walker could be the perfect replacement for Russell Westbrook.

Now, only one question remains.

How would the Lakers make this happen?

As things stand, the Lakers don’t really seem to have a roster spot available. Still, there is a way to make this happen.

The Pistons could be convinced to trade Walker along with other assets to the Lakers, instead of waiving him. And in return, they could receive Russell Westbrook, and perhaps a pick too.

The Pistons get an asset to trade, while LeBron James and the Lakers get another floor spacer.

If both franchises play their cards right, this could be a major win for everybody.

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