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“Richard Jefferson Should Be Fired!”: Steve Kerr Delivers a Message for 2016 Nba Champion on Behalf of Warriors Video Staff

Raahib Singh

"Richard Jefferson Should Be Fired!": Steve Kerr Delivers a Message for 2016 Nba Champion on Behalf of Warriors Video Staff

Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr shares a message for ESPN’s Richard Jefferson after last week’s video leak scandal 

The Golden State Warriors had quite a turbulent start to October. The defending champions went to Japan, and won both the NBA Japan Games against the Wizards there. However, once they got home, things got bad. There were reports that Draymond Green punched Jordan Poole in the face during a practice session.

Things got even worse when the tape of the same was released by TMZ for the world to see.

This led to a lot of questions being raised about the Warriors’ media team, especially their video team. Steve Kerr addressed the media and told them that the team is doing their best to find the leak and reprimand them legally. Many personalities spoke out about the same, including ESPN’s Richard Jefferson.

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Steve Kerr sends a response to Richard Jefferson on behalf of Warriors’ media team

Back when the tape got leaked, there was a lot of turmoil around the Warriors. Every media outlet was using the tape to get clicks, and demonize Draymond Green. This led to a situation that was to be handled in the confines of the team offices to become a global spectacle.

Several people shared their views about the same, and 2016 NBA Champion Richard Jefferson was one of them. He claimed that if he was on the Warriors, he’d have the entire video staff fired.

Well, as it turns out, they kept a note of what he said, and had Steve Kerr convey a message for Jefferson. Steve Kerr used the time after 3rd quarter to share the same.

Richard Jefferson saw the comment, and couldn’t help himself. He replied to a clip of the same with laughing emojis.

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Are things better between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole?

What happened between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole was no joke. It was a serious incident, and things like these take time to heal. However, it seems like the road toward the same has begun. Draymond returned to the team after Poole’s consideration. They won a ring together, and it didn’t feel right to Poole and the team to celebrate without Green.

Before tonight’s game, Draymond was dapping up his teammates. There, Poole was in the line, and the two didn’t show any hesitation.

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All Warriors fans would hope this means the path to healing has started. If the Dubs want to defend their championship, both Green and Poole have key roles to play towards the same.

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