Andrew Wiggins’ Girlfriend Mychal Johnson Responds to ‘Cheating’ Rumors, Stephen Curry’s Sister Sydel Curry-Lee Chimes In

Raahib Singh
|Published 18/03/2023

In this day and age of social media, we’re seeing a huge rise in the number of people becoming celebrities. At the same time, there has been an unprecedented rise of online trolls who thrive on being anonymous. The latest victims of such online trolls were Warriors star Andrew Wiggins and his girlfriend, Mychal Johnson.

Andrew Wiggins is an important part of the Warriors, and was their 2nd best player on the 2022 Championship team. He’s been away from the team since Feb 13th, missing 14 consecutive games due to a serious family affair. Since there is no other information about it, the trolls on Twitter decided to share some nasty cheating rumors.

An absolutely reckless rumor has now been addressed by the ‘wife’ in question, Mychal Johnson.

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Mychal Johnson responds on cheating rumors, gets support from good friend Sydel Curry-Lee

Andrew Wiggins has been away for a bit, and in that while, the Warriors have managed to worsen their road losing streak to 10 games. It has made the fans jittery, and some person with nothing better to do came up with this rumor.

A vile rumor, to say the least, caught Mychal Johnson’s attention yesterday. She took it to Twitter to share her disgust.

She also continued and said,

Not long after her tweets, a famous Warriors fan page, WarriorsTalk, picked up the same and shared it. In the comments, Stephen Curry’s sister, and Mychal’s good friend, Sydel Curry-Lee, expressed her disgust as well.

It’s crazy how far people go to pick on someone who’s already dealing with a family matter.

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NBA personalities show up in Wiggins’ support

Seeing a player get hit with such nasty rumors at a time when he’s attending to a serious family matter is something none of us can stand. Multiple reporters and sportscasters talked about the Wiggins’ situation.

Even Paul Pierce took it to Twitter to question the validity of the same.

We send our prayers to Andrew in this difficult time and hope he and his family are doing okay.

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