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Anthony Davis Injury Report: When can the Brow be expected to re-join the Los Angeles Lakers amidst their attempts for a playoff push?

Raahib Singh

“Anthony Davis owns rights to his own unibrow”: How the Lakers superstar once issued trademarks for his ‘Brow’ while with Pelicans

Lakers’ Anthony Davis has been ruled out with a mild right foot sprain, suffered the injury against the Utah Jazz

The Los Angeles Lakers, ever since they won the 2020 NBA Championship, are not having a good time. Last season, they got to the playoffs, solely on LeBron James‘ walk-off three against the Warriors in the play-in game. This season, despite adding a third star in Russell Westbrook, the Lakers are 9th in the West with a 27-31 record.

A major reason for the poor record is the continuous injuries they are dealing with. It started with LeBron James and his ankle. Then it was Anthony Davis and his knee, and then his thumb, thigh, knee again, and wrist. Recently, Davis, while the Lakers were playing the Jazz, twisted his ankle pretty bad, and had to be helped off the court.

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When can Anthony Davis be expected to return?

After the game, Davis had an MRI, which diagnosed that he suffered a mid-foot sprain.

Usually, these injuries take 4-6 weeks to recover from. In my opinion, the Lakers would decide whether to ask Davis to rush or not, depending on the kind of chances they would have, at that point. If the Lakers do not have a chance at the playoffs, they should ask Davis to take his time to recover.

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If the Lakers want to make the playoffs and splash waves there, Anthony Davis would be a major factor to do the same. In the games he’s played this season, AD is averaging 23.1 points and 9.7 rebounds.

At this point, all one can hope for is that AD is doing well, and he takes this offseason to find the source of all his injuries and eradicates it.

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Raahib Singh

Raahib Singh


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