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“We all know, Ben Simmons does not like to play in Philly, so if he does play in that game, I’d be highly surprised”: Danny Green predicts a hectic playoff-like environment for his former teammate

Arjun Julka

"We all know, Ben Simmons does not like to play in Philly, so if he does play in that game, I'd be highly surprised": Danny Green predicts a hectic playoff-like environment for his former teammate

Veteran guard Danny Green finds Ben Simmons’ chances of playing against the Sixers in Philadelphia next month highly doubtful.

Despite finally being traded from Philadelphia, Ben Simmons never seizes to make headlines. The former ROTY has been in the news for all the wrong reasons over the past year. Simmons was at loggerheads with the Sixers organization, forcing himself out.

The Aussie Baller refused to play any game for the Sixers in the 2021-22 season despite head coach Doc Rivers and teammates making several attempts to reach out to him. According to reports, Simmons hasn’t played a single game this season due to mental health concerns.

Earlier this month, the Sixers closed a deal with Nets, which would send Simmons to Brooklyn in exchange for James Harden. However, the 6″11′ point guard is yet, to suit up for the Nets. Though there is uncertainty over Simmons’ return, there is anticipation regarding his status against the Sixers game in Philly next month.

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During a recent episode of his podcast, veteran guard Danny Green, expressed his doubts over Simmons playing the game against the Sixers next month.

Danny Green will be surprised if Ben Simmons dons the Nets jersey on 10th March.

It’s no hidden fact that the City of Philadelphia loves their sports and consist of some of the most passionate fans. Thus Simmons receiving a warm welcome at the Wells Fargo Center is highly unlikely. The Philly fans don’t forgive easily and could give their former point guard a tough time.

The Sixers fans had visibly expressed their disappointment in Simmons during last year’s conference semi-finals. Thus one can only imagine what reception he would have when he visits the Philly in a Nets uniform.

Green, who played a season with Simmons, had the following to say regarding the latter arriving in Philly next month.

“First, I’d be highly surprised if he even plays in that game. I don’t know where his health is — mentally, physically, I know he had other issues — and we all know he does not like to play in Philly. So if he does play in that game, I’d be highly surprised.”

Green believes it will be a tense situation for Simmons when he arrives at the Wells Fargo Center. The three-time champion holds no ill feelings towards his former teammate.

“But say that does happen? I see it as being a very hectic playoff-like environment, atmosphere, to where it may be very rough for him. Depending on how he acts — I don’t have any ill wills towards the guy. I don’t hate him, I don’t dislike him, it’s just — for me it’s whatever. I don’t waste more energy going out of my way to dislike him or spend any more energy trying to go out of my way to hate him or do things to him.”

“If he comes up and shows love, I’ll say ‘What’s up?’ That’s the type of deal I’m on…  But it all depends on how that game goes, how he interacts in that game and how well he plays, how cleanly or non-cleanly he or us plays against each other. That’s going to determine how we shake hands. But I highly doubt he plays in that game, and if he does I highly doubt he wants to shake hands before or after that game.”

Via: Inside The Green Room podcast

In the past, we’ve seen the treatment meted out to LeBron James and Kevin Durant by their former teams when they decided to join the Heat and Warriors, respectively.

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Though there is no update on his playing status yet, there won’t be a warm reception to Simmons’ arrival in Philly, if Green’s statements are anything to go by.

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