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Billionaire LeBron James is so ‘cheap’ that he left a $0 tip despite being paid $60,000 to appear in a club and being served $10,000 worth free alcohol

Raahib Singh
|Tue Jul 26 2022

Lakers superstar LeBron James is always stingy with his money, was called a ‘server’s nightmare’ by Toronto nightclub staff

LeBron James has been in the NBA for 19 seasons and is soon about to start his 20th season. The 6’6 Lakers forward has made his mark on the game and is one of the greatest ever to play the game of basketball. LeBron is constantly compared with Michael Jordan, who is considered the GOAT.

James, like many other players in the league, came from humble beginnings. LeBron and his mother, Gloria James, saw many tough times and struggled a lot. However, using the platform NBA gave him, LBJ has made over $385 million in career earnings.

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Using his career earnings, endorsement deals, and more, LBJ made intelligent investments and became the first active NBA player to build a net worth of over $1 Billion. However, not only intelligent business decisions, but smart money choices, and his frugal nature might have had a role to play too.

‘LeBron James is a server’s nightmare’

As Dwyane Wade has said it, LeBron James might be the cheapest player in the NBA. A server from a Toronto nightclub shared her encounter with the King and how she experienced the King’s frugal nature.

In 2014, LBJ was invited to a nightclub in Toronto. The King was paid $60,000 to make an appearance. The club was sold out, with people having paid thousands of dollars to get an audience with royalty. LBJ refused to take off his hood, and had a security detail around him, that didn’t let anyone get close.

Despite being served alcohol worth over $10,000, when James and gang were leaving, they left no tip for the servers.

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It was the King’s choice, but leaving no tip when you’re already getting free stuff?

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