“Bob Fitzgerald’s comments on me and Facu were beyond disrespectful, especially coming from a guy who has never played”: Austin Rivers responds to the disrespect by the Warriors announcers as they took the dub on the Dubs

Akash Murty
|Published December 30, 2021

Bob Fitzgerald not only disrespected Austin Rivers with their nepotism take, but also the likes of Kevin Garnett whose respect Rivers earned even before making it to the league.

Warriors TV announcers Bob Fitzgerald and Kelenna Azubuike are under fire since a Tuesday night WarriorsNuggets game. They appeared to be still in Christmas mood as they kept targeting Austin Rivers and his teammate, Facundo Campazzo, at multiple instances during the game.

Rivers was at the free-throw line when the two announcers talked about the 28-year-old’s time with the LA Clippers under his father, Doc Rivers. Other than suggesting that the 2-way guard was overpaid in his time with the Clippers, accusing the father-son pair of nepotism.

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It is not the first time this debate has come up, but it must be the first time in a live in-game commentary. If they stopped right there, they wouldn’t have received this much hate. Fitzgerald and Azubuike even mocked Facundo Campazzo in what came off as a racist joke.

Although, this pair of broadcasters has been under constant criticism for a long time due to their lesser interest in games and more in individuals and past players, this time they crossed all lines and might pay a hefty price for it.

Austin Rivers responds to Warriors announcers

Former lottery picks out of Duke, Rivers was at his very best during his Clippers days, averaging over 15 ppg on shooting 38% from downtown. But he still has been wrongly accused of being overpaid during that stint. The former Clippers guard responded to the whole situation on an Instagram post by @sidelinesources.

“Think this kinda funny … especially since it’s coming from a guy who has never played a game of basketball in his life,” wrote Rivers. “His comments on myself and Facu were beyond disrespectful. I averaged 11 ppg, 12 ppg, and 16 ppg of the bench for a loaded Clippers team. While being a two-way player … yet he called me overpaid?”

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“Do u know how many guys in league made more than me while not doing half as much?!” Rivers added. “And still do now! But because my last name, it’s an easy diss and cop-out. For sure unprofessional.”

How can the man who has been praised by the Big Ticket even before making it to the league, be accused of nepotism?

Kevin Garnett would surely disagree with the Warriors announcers

When Doc Rivers was the head coach of the Boston Celtics, a young Austin came down to his dad’s gym and met few of the best players in the league at the time. Not only did he meet them, but he also challenged them.

After playing one-on-ones against Paul Pierce and Kendrick Perkins, and “giving the business” to the latter, Austin had the courage to call Kevin out for a 1v1. Garnett told this story in his unique way, the back-and-forth between himself and a bold high schooler named Austin Rivers.

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The C’s team that would later go on to win the Championship the very same season it was troubled by this high-school kid in practice. The junior Rivers now sees his foolishness in trying to challenge Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, two of the Celtics big three, he idolized growing up.

But he still cannot understand how these analysts and broadcasters doubt his talents when the juggernauts in the NBA did not. Neither can us.

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