“Chris Bosh tapped it to the GOAT in the corner and saved our season”: Gabrielle Union subtly agrees with Skip Bayless that LeBron James’ legacy was saved by Ray Allen on JJ Redick Podcast

Amulya Shekhar
|Published 13/10/2021

Skip Bayless maintains that Chris Bosh and Ray Allen combined to save LeBron James’ legacy in 2013. Gabrielle Union believes it saved their season.

The 2010-2014 Miami Heatles are perhaps the single most hated superteam in basketball history. It was a team formed by 3 All-NBA players joining their forces as free agents in their prime.

This was the sort of move hitherto unseen in terms of player movement across the NBA. It started off a wave of players who demanded and got trades to destinations of their desire.

It also motivated free agents like Kevin Durant in 2016 to sign with teams that they fit better into. The consequences of the formation of the team are still being felt across the NBA to this day.

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Chris Bosh was the most maligned member of the Heat Big 3 at the time. But the former Raptors star had perhaps the most crucial hustle play in Miami Heat history back in 2013. It allowed them to steal an NBA title right from under Spurs head coach Popovich’s nose.

Gabrielle Union recounts how

If you’ve been an NBA fan for any length of time dating back to before 2013, chances are that those Finals were the best damn playoff series you’ve watched in a long while.

It was a contest between a well-oiled team with ball movement and the LeBron-Wade-Bosh trio. While the Heat relied on their active perimeter defense to get stops and run out in transition, the Spurs were offensively methodical.

Greg Popovich’s teams have famously ground Finals teams one after other to dust. And they were about to achieve the same result for a 5th time in 5 tries back in 2013. However, one Ray Allen hit the greatest clutch shot in league history to stop that from happening.

Mike Breen’s most famous and timely ‘Bang!’ call is also Gabrielle Union’s favorite moment from the Heatles era. That is, indeed, the sentiment she expressed during her appearance on the JJ Redick Podcast:

“The game when Ray – we thought it was over – and Chris Bosh tapped it to the f***ing GOAT in the corner. And that kept us alive and saved the season. That s*** felt like something out of a Disney movie.”

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